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iPhone 11 release date, specs: Will USB-C replace the Lightning port?

From the iPhone XS and iPhone XR trailer | Photo by Apple/YouTube

This year marks the release of a new generation of iPhones, now commonly dubbed as the iPhone 11. So it is understandable for tech fans to expect more new features and bigger changes such as the highly anticipated jump from the Lightning port to USB-C.

iPhone 11 specs: Will Apple finally give in to the USB-C demands?

In reality, there is really not much to hate about the Lightning port if it is still the one to be used in iPhone 11. But some tech fans argue that the USB-C just has more advantages.

USB-C is known to have faster data transfer speeds at a rate of 10GB per second, thanks to the USB 3.1 tech. That is the same reason why USB-C can also carry up to 100 watts of power. Changing iPhone 11’s port to USB-C can also open the possibility of using it for more functions other than recharging the device since it generally supports DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 2.0, and more.

Considering all these details, it is not surprising why many are hoping that the iPhone 11 will launch with a USB-C. However, there is still no assurance that it is what is going to happen.

It can be recalled last month, when the iOS 13 beta went live, someone found out a possible clue that iPhone 11 is going to switch to USB-C. One of the illustrations used in the software update running on an iPhone seems to be showing an icon of a USB-C cable.

Apple is, obviously, not totally closed off to having USB-C in its products because it already adapted a new port on the newest iPad Pro model. This further ignited speculations that major port changes are also in order for iPhone 11. Unfortunately for USB-C fans, newer reports claim that this change is not happening for iPhone 11, but for its successor that will be released in 2020.

iPhone 11 release date

Like in 2018, Apple is expected to release three new smartphones this year. Two of which are the premium iPhone 11 models anticipated to sport OLED Retina Display and triple-lens camera system. The company is expected to unveil these new devices in September.

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