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‘World of Warcraft’ updates: Developers recognize a bug on Classic’s honor system bug causing miscalculations, promise fix is underway

From the “World of Warcraft Classic” announcement trailer | Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment via World of Warcraft channel/YouTube screenshot

The player-versus-player Honor system is one of the biggest and latest updates added to “World of Warcraft: Classic.” But only a few weeks since its launched, players started noticing a vexing bug that causes miscalculations of their recent honorable kills. What added to some players’ frustration was the lack of immediate response from Blizzard Entertainment developers.

However, that changed over the weekend when one of the developers finally recognized the “World of Warcraft: Classic” bug on the honor system. Additionally, it was confirmed that the issue would be patched soon.

World of Warcraft: Classic’ update: Honor system will be fixed soon, developer promises

“World of Warcraft” developer who goes by the username Pazorax addressed fans on the official Blizzard forums and explained why it took a while before they recognized the bug. Pazorax stated that Blizzard needed time to investigate the bug. “This is a separate issue, that’s not related to the caching issues we were experiencing previously,” Pazorax added. However, the caching bugs prevented developers from discovering the miscalculation issue sooner.

On the bright side, Pazorax assured “World of Warcraft: Classic” players that they are “close” to issuing a patch for the honor miscalculations. “It turns out it was caused by the daily honor script running before the end of the day, causing it to miss kills that haven’t yet happened,” Pazorax further explained. In the end, the developer assured players that their honorable kills are accurately recorded, and the tallies are not lost.

The Honor system makes so-called honorable kills count and helps “World of Warcraft: Classic” players to gather rewards and rise through the ranks in PvP. When players defeat opponents within 10 levels of their current placement and have the same character as themselves, they earn honorable kill points. But defeating enemies with higher PvP experience has a higher value when calculating the points for PvP rewards.

World of Warcraft’ adds Blackrock Depths in Pet Battle Dungeon

The Pet Battle Dungeon on “World of Warcraft” received an update on Wednesday with the addition of the Blackrock Depths. As the game mode’s name suggests, it requires players to fight dungeon battles through their pets instead of having their characters battle with NPCs.

There were four locations available in the Pet Battle Dungeon before this week, namely the Wailing Critters, The Deadmines Strike Back, Gnomeregan’s New Guardians, and Tiny Terrors of Stratholme. “World of Warcraft” players are required to finish these levels first, either on Normal or Challenge difficulty setting, before they can access Blackrock Depths.

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