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World Cup 2022 Guide

The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022. This edition of the World Cup is the 22nd edition of the men’s football world cup, which is an international championship that is contested by the national football teams who belong to the FIFA member associations. You might not have known this, but here’s a fun fact for you! Out of 193 United Nations member states, 191 of those states have football teams that take part in the World Cup every year. All these nations also have more teams for football than any other sport.

When it comes to the teams that betting enthusiasts are confident will win, many think that the UK team is slated to win big at the World Cup. In fact, UK bookies offer free betting offers and free bets to those of you who are interested in placing bets on the outcome of the World Cup.

The World Cup will be held in Qatar next year, which marks the first time that this prestigious football tournament is going to be held in an Arab Country! It also marks the second time that the World Cup has been held in an Asian country; the first World Cup was held in South Korea and Japan 19 years ago, in 2002. Unlike previous years, the tournament will be held in the months of November and December in 2022. This is because Qatar is an extremely hot place, and therefore, the matches will take place in the cooler months of the year. The games will also be played within the span of 28 days due to the hot weather conditions in Qatar.

As we’ve learned from news circulating in sports media, the tournament is going to be played by 32 teams. However, data also shows that by the time 2026 rolls around, 48 teams are going to play in the tournament that will be held in Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico.

While France is the current reigning champion of the World Cup, Brazil, England, Spain, and Italy are expected to perform exceptionally well. At the same time, France is also likely to rank high at this tournament.

The team from England had played at every single World Cup tournament since the year 1950, with their most successful playing taking place in 1966, which is when the tournament was held in England. However, they have performed exceptionally well in the years that followed, playing fourth in Italy in 1990 and in 2018 in Russia. At other times, England performed quite well back in 2002 and 2006 in South Korea and Japan, and in Germany, respectively.

In 1966, England played their matches in their own Wembley Stadium. Thanks to the guidance and support of their manager Alf Ramsey, England won the World Cup.


In this article, we took a quick look at the World Cup that will take place in 2022. We looked at England’s performance over the past few years and potential winners in the upcoming season of football.

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