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Why Has Online Bingo Become So Popular

For centuries many people have played bingo and although the game has changed dramatically, we gave taken part in and enjoyed each variation.

When most of us think about a game of bingo we conjure up the picture of a bricks and mortar bingo hall, or perhaps those games that used to be played at sea-side resorts which used to draw in holiday makers besides those that played at home.

In fact, there was a bingo hall in most towns and was, for many, the social meeting place as well as the place to go and be in with a chance of a win. But now those days are firmly in the past, not the way we play the game, but how we play it and perhaps most importantly who plays bingo.

Again, if we conjure up the way bingo used to be played many of us would think of our elderly relatives (women) getting ready to meet up with their friends perhaps of a weekend. Now, statistics tell us that the percentage of younger people enjoying a few games has increased, as well as many more men enjoying a game or two.

This can be attributed to how convenient a game of bingo is. It’s simple to play, can be played automatically and can be enjoyed for a few minutes or for a full session. If you take a look at the new bingo sites for 2019 it soon become apparent how many games are on offer together with all he variations like 90-ball bingo games, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball and even 30-ball speed games.

Some bingo sites also have games that are unique to them meaning that the variation that they offer will not be found anywhere else.

Possibly the biggest reason that online bingo has become so popular is that, just like it’s brick and mortar venues, online bingo is a social game with experienced chat hosts actively encouraging banter and friendships in the bingo rooms.

We all lead very busy lives, and making use of a game that allows us to catch up with friends and family as well as being able to enjoy a game or two can de-stress days that appear to be full of work and more work.

None of this would have been possible if technology had not advanced to the stage we are at today, and as creators and developers continue to strive forward who knows what treats we shall be in for in the years to come.

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