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Why Do People Enjoy Multiplayer Games So Much?

An introduction to multiplayer games

It is not a stretch to say that video games have become something of a phenomenon. No one who was around when video games first came out could have predicted just how much the industry would soar in later years. The reason for this is hard to pinpoint, but it is clear that the world simply loves video games and they are unmatched by any other form of entertainment. This may be due to their unique interactive aspect, a feature that allows players to become part of narratives. Movies cannot do this and neither can music, which is probably why video games overtook both industries to become the leader of the entertainment sector.

As most people will know, virtually all video games can be separated into two clear categories, single player games and multiplayer games. The definitions are rather self-explanatory, but for transparency, single player games can only be played by one person. On the other hand, multiplayer games can be played by two or more people. However, some games can be both as many feature a single player campaign and a separate multiplayer mode. The most famous example of this would be Call of Duty, as people can immerse themselves in a 4-hour story before heading online to fight other players with their friends.

What is better?

It is difficult to say which out of the two types of games are better. Of course, multiplayer games allow friends to communicate and share a social activity but fail to deliver the cacophony of emotions and masterful gameplay that some single player only games like God of War can. However, the answer may be revealed by looking at the current state of gaming at the moment. When the most popular games are examined, it is clear to see that most of the gaming community prefers multiplayer games and the reason for this might be because they offer the greatest amount of replayability. A person can only complete the story of God of War so many times before they have done everything and they move on to a new game. But take a game like Overwatch which came out in 2015 and it is surprising to see how many people still play it. Because it is a pure multiplayer game, the experience is always different, which makes it replayable.

How are they useful?

The recent pandemic will still be hot in the minds of many as it affected people from all walks of life. In some regions, people would have been placed under a lockdown in an effort to reduce social mixing and protect others. This time would have been challenging for many who would have looked to activities accessible from the home to get through it. Entertainment such as online gambling would have been a popular option though, and players who use sites like will find a great way to win money online. People would have also utilised multiplayer gaming during this time, and this would have perhaps been the most popular activity during this period.

Gaming online over the pandemic would have been a great way to maintain those relationships with friends and family that would have otherwise been strained with the restrictions on social mixing. Multiplayer games would have also allowed people to make new connections with strangers which would have been beneficial during this time of isolation.

The gaming community is always growing and there are more beginners to the scene every day. Across the whole world, the number of people that call themselves gamers reaches the billions. Because there will always be new gamers unaware of what the best games to buy are, it will be useful for novices to be armed with useful information that will enable them to purchase great games that will keep them enjoying gaming. Given this context, here are some of the best multiplayer games that people can buy.

The best examples for beginners

Warzone – Those who have heard of Call of Duty before will no doubt also be aware of Warzone. This is because it is a spinoff from the main series and yet has proved equally popular. It is a free-to-play game which means that it shouldn’t be too hard to convince a group of friends to download and try the game out. In addition to this, Warzone hosts the popular battle royale formula in which many players are put into a single open-world map to see who comes out as the victor. It is a great game for those who wish to test their skills and try to become king of the lobby.

Rocket League – This is another free-to-play game, though it was not always that way. It went free last year, and since then it has experienced a surge of new players. This means that there is no better time to get involved in the game as there are many new players who will all be around the same skill level as each other. Rocket League is a game that can be characterised in one word: chaos. Players are given control of a car that is rocket-powered and they are also given the objective of scoring goals. This leads to some incredible gameplay where players can use the boost to score impressive aerial goals, making Rocket League a must-play for all new gamers.

Minecraft – Although Minecraft is traditionally seen as a single player game, the reality is that all the enjoyment that comes from creating a world solo is magnified when a friend joins in the fun. In Minecraft, players are given an open-world sandbox where they start with nothing and must use only the resources around them to progress and upgrade themselves. Eventually, players will be able to go monster hunting, mine for diamonds, build a massive house and even create technology. It’s a game that is timeless and on the bestselling games of all-time list for a reason, and those who purchase it will be rewarded with hours of fun for themselves and their friends.

It should now be clear why the world seems to prefer multiplayer games so much, why they are useful, and what some of the best examples that new players can access are.

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