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What is Delta 8 THC good for and what are the best Delta 8 THC carts

Delta-8 THC is everything Delta-9 THC isn’t. Although both are psychoactive and intoxicating, the effects of Delta-8 are mild and friendlier to the body.

Where Delta-9 THC runs people wild and crazy, Delta 8 delivers a calming buzz. This improved experience provided by Delta 8 is why the compound is now the go-to cannabinoid for lots of users.

In this article, we want to discuss a list of things Delta 8 THC is good for. But before we do that, we’ll like to list out the best Delta 8 vape carts that are there.

For those who don't know, vape carts are the tools from which users draw Delta 8 THC.

Best Delta 8 THC cartridges

As many users will tell you, the best way to enjoy an instant feel of Delta 8 is through vaping. When you vape Delta 8, the compound goes straight into your bloodstream without passing through the digestive tract, giving you an instant hit for your bucks.

Per first-hand experiences, below are the best Delta 8 vape carts we recommend for you to use.

  1. AREA52




#1 Area52

The first Delta 8 cart we recommend is Area52. And the reason is because the brand is so transparent in its operations.

In an age where low-quality Delta 8 products are the order of the day, finding a brand that can confidently beat their chest to say they deliver strictly high-quality carts is worth its weight in gold.

In terms of potency, Area52 packs its cart with exotic terpenes and the Sativa-leaning Pineapple Express strain. As a result of this composition, Area52 vape carts keep users awake, focused, and alert for hours. It also helps with fighting exhaustion and stress and helps spur creativity.

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#2 Finest Labs

Finest Labs is another brand that specializes in delivering actively-potent Delta 8 THC carts. All their products are subjected to third-party lab testing and are derived from the Blueberry strain along with hemp-rich terpenes.

Finest Labs’ Blueberry composition and terpene profile make it such a good choice for people looking to use Delta 8 to fight chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety.

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#3 Delta Effex

Delta Effex taps into Delta 8’s long list of applications to deliver a wide variety of Delta 8 products that can be used for various situations.

Take Cali Orange Kush cart, for instance, Delta Effex claims this cart delivers mellow euphoria, a feeling of calm, clear-head, and an elevation of the senses.

Another product of the brand, Strawberry Cough cart, is renowned for its uplifting effects and energy-boosting abilities.

#4 Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is renowned to users as the Delta 8 cart brand with the highest number of products line up.

The brand has tapped extensively into the goldmine of Delta 8 to come up with several exciting vape variants.

Amongst its products lineup is:

  • Sour Diesel: good for nerve issues, appetite issues, and sleep issues.

  • Mango Kush: relieves Insomnia, migraine, body pains, and headaches.

  • Grape Ape: provides laidback relaxation that’s good for soothing pain, and relieving stress.

As you can see from the vape cart brands we mentioned above, Delta 8 THC has a long list of therapeutic applications.

In the next frame, we’re going to be more specific with these applications by defining and discussing each one.

Benefits and Usefulness of Delta 8 THC

  1. Can be used as an antiemetic

An antiemetic medication refers to any drug that is used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

Delta 8’s ability to work as an antiemetic medication can be linked to its affiliation with Delta-9 THC. For so many years now, Delta 9 has been known and used as a strong antiemetic drug. The only issue people had with it was the overwhelming side effects it had like paranoia, anxiety, headache, etc.

Thankfully, Delta 8 is able to do a similar job without leaving users paranoid or anxious.

In a study conducted on children with cancer, it was found that Delta 8 THC prevented nausea and vomiting.

  1. It aids relaxation

Another way to look at Delta 8 is a compound that falls in between Delta 9 THC and CBD. While the latter simply relaxes you, Delta 8 does it in a more effective manner. And while the former relaxes and gets you high, Delta 8 stabilizes your mental status.

  1. Kicks out stress and anxiety

Like CBD, Delta 8 THC quickly fastens itself to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) once it reaches the bloodstream.

Since the ECS is the one responsible for stress and anxiety responses, Delta 8 THC plays the role of stimulating the ECS to do its job in the event of stress or anxiety crisis.

  1. Can be used as a munchies stimulant

How many times have you complained to your doc about your appetite? For lots of reasons, people lose the urge to eat. When this happens, it becomes imperative to find a stimulant – something that makes you eat.

Historically, it’s said that people who use cannabis tend to eat a lot. That urge for food stems from the Delta-9 THC part of the plant. But seeing as not everybody is comfortable with the “high” and euphoria of Delta-9, using cannabis to stimulate hunger was never an option.

Thankfully, Delta 8 brings a different perspective to the game.

With Delta 8 THC, people can now spike their munchies without necessarily feeling high or euphoric.

The appetite-stimulating ability of Delta 8 was tested and proven in 2004 when researchers used the compound on mice that had undergone a weight-loss plan. After a 9-day observation period, it was found that the mice have had a 16 percent surge in food consumption.

  1. Makes pain manageable

Pain is one thing nobody likes to live with. Unfortunately, it still finds a way to creep into our lives whether through the back, head, hand, waist, etc.

Luckily, there’s a quick solution with Delta 8 THC.

By connecting to the CB1 receptor – the part of the nervous system responsible for signaling pain – delta-8 THC helps in making the pain signals more manageable.

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