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Wendy's launches the new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce in its US restaurant outlets

Photo by: Wendy's Press Release

Wendy’s just announced a new addition to its restaurants that will surely spice up the flavors of their favorite menu. The fast-food chain launches its new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce that has been described as the dipping sauce that will bring up the heat in every bite.

List of menu items that will come with the new sauce

QSR Magazine mentioned that the Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce is now available in the United States. Customers across the country can try this innovative sauce with a different kind of blend featuring the ghost peppers and the classic taste of ranch sauce. The end result is a super hot, flaming taste.

Customers of Wendy’s can have the new fiery sauce when they buy the 10-piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets in a buy one, get one $1 offer until Sept. 5. People can also opt for plain crispy chicken nuggets if they want.

In addition, the Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce can also be requested to be added on orders for the classic chicken sandwich and spicy chicken sandwich. This is also available in a BOGO for just $1.

"I'm proud of the work my culinary team has done to create a legacy of spice that keeps fans coming back for more with new menu innovations they crave, including Wendy's all-new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce," The Wendy’s Company’s vice president of culinary innovation, said in a press release. "Every good sauce needs a partner in dipping, and spice-hungry fans can score a BOGO for a $1 deal featuring Wendy's iconic 10 pc. Spicy Chicken Nuggets."

How to order and when

Customers who would like to try the new Wendy's Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce can place an order for the chicken nuggets or chicken sandwiches through Wendy’s mobile app or online. They can also head to the nearest restaurant for faster transactions.

As mentioned earlier, the new sauce is already available, but if customers prefer the BOGO offer, they can have it starting Sept. 5. This is available across the U.S. but only for a limited time. Thus, everyone should place their orders before the Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce is gone.

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