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‘Vikings’ season 6 episode 11 spoilers: This character survives the battle but his days are numbered

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Unfortunately, there won’t be a “Vikings” season 6 episode 11 release in its usual Wednesday slot for months to come. The recent episode titled “The Best Laid Plans” marked the series midseason finale and fans will have to wait for some time before the second half of season 6 will arrives later this year.

But there are plenty of hints and “Vikings” season 6 spoilers making their round. Some of them even answered one question that fans have been asking since episode 10 aired.

In the previous “Vikings” season 6 episode, the Rus finally battle with Bjorn’s forces. However, the episode ended with Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) lying on the beach seemingly lifeless.

Fans just couldn’t believe that Bjorn, one of the fan-favorite characters, would be taken out just like that. “Throughout the battle scene they undermined our ability to interpret what was going on,” a YouTuber commented, Express reported. “Ivar stabs Bjorn, we see him fall back and die before our eyes; it comes out of nowhere and we just can’t believe it.”

Indeed, the last episode’s scene spawned a lively discussion among fans as to whether or not Bjorn survived the battle. But the released “Vikings” season 6 episode 11 promo gave fans some hope that the character might have survived the stabbing after all.

“I told you Ivar, you can’t kill him,” Hvitserk (Marco Ilso) said in the clip. Fans believe that Hvitserk is referring to Bjorn since the previous scene showed his seemingly lifeless body.

“That’s impossible,” Ivar responded. He looks perplexed at how his brother might have survived after being stabbed.

In an interview with GameSpot, “Vikings” creator Michael Hirst gave hints on what fate awaits Bjorn. “When I was beginning to put together and think about Season 6 and sort of jotting down thoughts about the characters and what might happen to them, I sort of knew which characters would survive,” Hirst said. “But I felt I knew that Bjorn would die. So then it was a question of when, and I talked to Alexander about it.”

But Hirst wanted Bjorn’s death to be memorable. “I wanted to showcase him,” he added. “And if I’m bunching up a lot of people dying and a lot of endings of stories and things, I don’t want him as just one of the stories. I want to feature him. I wanted him to have his moment and boy, does he grab this moment. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful and sort of triumphant.”

But he also gave a shocking revelation. “By the way, he’s not dead yet,” Hirst added. “Honestly, Episode 11 will just knock your socks off. It’s so powerful. And it’s just brilliant for Alexander and in a way that’s what I wanted.

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