Trend of Tokenization Series: A run through on STP’s swift token sale

The Tokens that resembles the conventional financial instruments, like, shares, debentures or units in a collective investment scheme.

On the back of security tokens being the trending talk of blockchain-driven innovations to conventional financial services, a token sale for Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) announced IEO program on June 11th. The project briefs fundraising about $750,000 and sold out within eight seconds and it also offers an open-source, decentralized standard for the tokenization and issuance of any asset.

Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining as to how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations. 

Following the initial exchange offering (IEO), which was held on Bittrex, top official clarifies that these tokens built on top of the STP-Standard will use the protocol’s on-chain Validator to verify compliance with any jurisdictional or issuer-specific requirements, while potentially saving billions in funding costs.

Few other blockchain companies have also made the announcements of the launch of STOs and ETOs. For instance, Elite Mining Inc is raising funds with an ETO (Equity Token Offering, sometimes known as STO) to fund the next stage of our expansion.

The announcement of its Series A equity-backed security token funding round came in very recently to raise almost about 6.4 million dollars for an expansion objective of its cryptocurrency mining operations.

In yet another case, Blueshares comes up with a jaw-dropping event of security token offering (STO), divulging their perspective to investors with a seamless and swift method of owning securities of the reputed companies with the robust experience.

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly BTC spot index is inching towards -123 levels (which is bearish), and hourly USD spot index has bearish index is creeping at -90 (bearish) while articulating (at 09:10 GMT). 

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