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Top 9 tips for safe vaping

With the growing concern amongst smokers regarding the ailing health statistics, people have started to seek for alternatives using which they can slowly stray away from tobacco smoking. However, this is easier said than done. In fact, many people have tried but in vain and the addiction they had kind of compelled them to switch over to tobacco all over again. This is why perhaps the technique of vaping is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

Even though vaping does sound like inhaling the vapors, there are much more to it. For example, you will be taking in vapors but that won’t be the tobacco vapors that you usually take in while smoking a cigarette. Again, the cost of buying a vaping pen is quite high but it is a lifetime investment because the machine comes with a rechargeable battery. So, it’s all about knowing the correct technique and using the right equipment to get away from the tag name of a “SMOKER”.

However, vaping has its own cons and pros, the weightage of the latter being a little too high. Maybe it is due to sheer ignorance or the lack of knowledge that people make a lot of mistakes while vaping. A vape pen is very complex and the way to handle it and then use it is more complex. So, you should learn to play safe, especially when you are hell-bent on leaving tobacco smoking and invest your time in something productive and healthier.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best safety tips for the vapers.

Always use the manufacturer charger instead of local ones

Often you hear from people that the accessories of an electronic gadget should always be bought from the manufacturer itself. The consequences for not doing the same might be grave. The same predicament can be stated for the vaping pens. Yes, it is definitely a new technology but it also dwindle on a thread which asks for precaution. So, never use a battery which you haven't bought from the manufacturer itself.

While inserting a new battery, better check it’s quality and composition

Batteries might look almost similar from the outside but their inner chemical composition differs. Generally, lithium ion batteries are used in premium grade vaping pens. But, if you are buying a new battery, then it's better to check the chemical composition and validate its quality. Low-grade chemical composition might lead to severe problems, even to fire from the vaping pen.

Temperature controlled vape pens are better on the chemical side

As per the technique used in vaping pens, the heating of the oil facilitates certain chemical reaction which generates formaldehyde- a major composition of the vapes. Now, if you are not buying a temperature-controlled vaping pen, lots of heat will increase the temperature where some unwanted chemical reactions might take place. With a temperature-controlled pen, you can monitor the rise in temperature and hence keep the chemical reactions in a limit.

Don’t allow your body to lose water than necessary

One of the key factors that you have to take care of while vaping is the water content of your body. Even though this might seem to be a childish precaution tip, the importance of keeping your body properly hydrated is not known by many. Proper water content will give your body enough immune power to resist the chemical effects of some of the vapors you will be inhaling while vaping.

Never play with the liquid inside the e-vaping pen

The e-liquid present inside the vaping pen is highly volatile in terms of chemical composition. A minute mistake can set the pen on fire. So, even when you are opening the chassis of the pen to refill by your own, never play with the liquid. Always ensure that you are handling the e-liquid tank to extra care and better put it away from any source of an open fire.

Never burn your oil in dry condition

If you have run out of the e-liquid or you don’t have the wick anymore, never switch on your vaping pen and heat the oil. This is because the chemicals are processed in a line and if any part of the vaping men is missing, heating the oil in dry condition will increase the temperature of the tank and might cause your pen to stop working.

The heat emitted by the battery should be monitored

In your home, you always monitor the gadgets you have bought for the amount of heat they are exuding. The same should be done with the battery of the vaping pen. Always remember that a good quality battery never gets heated up too quickly or emits a lot of heat that it becomes almost impossible to hold the pen. So, make sure you are monitoring the heating time of the battery and also how much heat it is emitting.

Never weigh the vaping pen based on budget

If you are weighing your options based on the price of the vaping pen, then we would suggest that you better leave the idea of vaping. Always choose the pens from reliable stores like BigdaddySmoke. This vaping brand manufacturers high-quality pen but these pens come at an affordable range.

Stop chasing the smoke clouds with a vaping pen

Don’t run behind the smoke cloud by taking long vapes because that will not only heat the oil rapidly but also will cause different chemical reactions inside which might not yield products suitable for your health.


Now, with the safety tricks known, you can work on your own vaping practices and ensure that you are doing everything in the correct way.

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