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The Top 5 Opportunities for Saving Money When Shopping and Traveling

The world’s economy is still in rough shape. Many people would love to shop and travel, but they simply don’t have enough money saved. For those who do, they’re afraid of getting ripped off by dishonest companies that only care about increasing profits. If you are a person in this situation, you need to find companies that care about saving their customers’ money and not just the other way around. There are so many opportunities out there to shop and travel for much less money than you think. You just need to know where these opportunities are and then take advantage of them.

To help you get started, below are the top 5 opportunities for saving money when shopping and traveling.

1) Galapagos Cruises

If you’re looking to save money on an exotic cruise trip, then check out the special offers and deals on Galapagos Cruises. Latin Trails is a travel company that provides special offers on cruise trips to the Galapagos Islands. In case you didn’t know, these are a group of Ecuadorian islands located in the Pacific Ocean. They contain white sandy beaches and aqua blue waters that define the word “exotic.” On the Latin Trails website, you will find a promotional offer every month for their Galapagos Cruises Sea Star Journey. Some deals include a free Galapagos Flight and/or a free night at a hotel.

2) Ebates

Do you want to make money by shopping at your favorite retail stores? You can receive cash back rewards for shopping at these stores if you sign up on with Ebates. This is a company which specializes in offering cash back programs through affiliate networking. Basically, they are affiliated with numerous retail stores throughout the world. These stores pay them a commission whenever they send someone to their website who purchases a product. Once that happens, Ebates will give cash back to the customer they referred to their affiliate.

3) Groupon

Groupon is another way to shop and save money. This company focuses on offering coupons to local businesses which sell food, goods, services, travel, and other activities. Rather than using affiliate links, you simply use the coupon supplied to you by Groupon. They will make a commission whenever you use their coupon to purchase something from one of these local merchants. Meanwhile, you can find savings up to 70% off.

4) Expedia

Expedia is one of the most popular travel planning websites in the world. You can purchase your plane ticket, hotel room, car rental, and other amazing travel packages. More importantly, you will get to compare the best prices between various airlines and hotels all in one place. And if there is suddenly a canceled reservation, you might be able to quickly reserve that spot for a discounted price. The company is consistently posting special offers and coupons on their website. If you ever need to travel, check out Expedia.

5) Travel Coupons App

We are living in the age of mobile technology. Everyone travels with a smartphone on them, whether they’re flying or driving. If you are an interstate traveler who travels the country on the open road, then you’re going to want to find great deals on hotels. Try downloading the Travel Coupons app onto your iOS or Android device. This app is programmed to provide you with the best hotel deals within the area you are located or going to. That way, you will already know how much you need to pay by the time you get to the hotel. You can filter the list of local hotels by minimum price to highest price. This will ensure you find the best hotel deal available.

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