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‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Season 3 Episode 15: Is Celestial Arrow enough to defeat Chandler?

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“The Seven Deadly Sins” Episode 15 will be one action-packed installment of the hit anime series. Facing the powerful Chandler, King and Gowther came up with a fusion attack called Celestial Arrow. But the question is, will it work on the high-tiered demon?

“The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods” episode 14 recap

It was just as previous “The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods” spoilers predicted. Just as Zeldris was about to go out to rescue Meliodas as his father, the Demon King, ordered, two very strong demons appeared.

They were Chandler, Meliodas former master, and Cusack, Zeldris' former master. The fact that they’ve taught the two demon princes how to fight should prove how powerful they are. In fact, Zeldris commented that the two of them can replace all of the Ten Commandments who did not respond to Zeldris' call.

When Chandler learned that the Demon King wanted them to rescue Meliodas, he was extremely excited to do the job. In fact, he decided to meet the Seven Deadly Sins alone leaving Zeldris and Cusack in Camelot. Zeldris wasn’t worried at all as he fully believed that Chandler can handle the situation all by himself.

Indeed, Meliodas’ former master was a nightmare to deal with. First, he enveloped the entire region with his magic causing it to abruptly turn into night. Then he popped Merlin’s perfect cube like a bubble and countered her attack causing her spell to backfire and her magic powers sealed away.

He shrank Diane so small that the giantess became smaller in size than a regular human. Even if Escanor wasn’t in a coma due to his injuries, he can’t fight as well because it’s already nighttime.

Chandler then offered to spare everyone’s lives as long as they hand over Meliodas and Elizabeth. But they refused so he began his attack by calling forth meteors from the sky and raining down destruction to the entire region.

But Gowther and King teamed up to create an all-new fusion attack. By combining their abilities, they were able to come up with an attack called Celestial Arrow which they then aimed at Chandler.

“The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods” Episode 15 spoilers

Apparently, the power of the combo attack that Gowther and King developed can’t be underestimated. Even Chandler is wary because he knows that he would be injured if he takes the attack head-on.

Unfortunately, Chandler knows Full Counter so he can easily deflect the Celestial Arrow once King releases it in “The Seven Deadly Sins” Season 3 Episode 15. However, Gowther also knows Chandler's ability as well and will have a trick up his sleeve.

To damage Chandler, Gowther will employ a diversion. When the demon sees the diversionary attack, he will counter it but, at that point, Gowther will signal King to release the Celestial Arrow. Gowther is betting that there is a short cooldown period before Chandler can use the technique again.

But will Gowther’s diversion work on Chandler? “The Seven Deadly Sins” Season 3 Episode3 release date will arrive next week. Stay tuned for updates.

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