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The Divi Project Aims to Disrupt the Cryptocurrency Industry

For some time now, one of the largest deterrents to mass adoption of cryptocurrency has been the lack of a user-friendly experience. The founders of the Divi Project recognized this, so they sat down and identified all of the major pain points average people have with cryptocurrency. The result was the creation of the Divi Project, which focuses on making cryptocurrency as consumer friendly as using PayPal.

Initial Intimidations

The consumer market can be split into 3 categories of cryptocurrency owners: owners, potential owners and those “likely never to adopt.” Let’s ignore the last category: those who will likely never adopt cryptocurrency. If we focus those who remain and have not yet been sold on purchasing cryptocurrency, we soon recognize that most have some initial reservation that is holding them back from exploring further.

These initial reservations tend to be centered around a lack of knowledge, security risk or friction from lack of a clear cryptocurrency platform. Diving in deep to understand each of these reservations was important for the Divi Project team, because they wanted to ensure the end product was simple and intuitive, and perfectly met everyone’s needs. Let’s look at each item in turn.

Lack of Knowledge

The Divi Project has introduced a training program and assistant in the interface to ensure that early cryptocurrency investors do not make simple mistakes that cost them greatly in the long run. By prioritizing a positive user experience for all comers, the Divi Project makes the onboarding process simple so that anyone can become acclimated to the cryptocurrency world before jumping in.

Security Risk

Because of the hacking of Mount Gox in the early days of Bitcoin, security has always loomed as an important concern for cryptocurrency. After all, this currency is only valuable as long as it remains in your possession. For this reason, the Divi Project has made security one of its most important priorities and has implemented a number of innovative solutions to boost security on the network and protect its members.


One of the primary obstacles keeping people from entering the cryptocurrency space is friction in the user experience. Most people who want to buy cryptocurrency do not know what website to go to and struggle to read pricing charts. Additionally, spending the cryptocurrency is incredibly intimidating, due to the long cryptic wallet addresses. To tackle this, the Divi Project has generated a frictionless user interface with one-click functionality and an intuitive design.

Growth and Future Ambitions

As the Divi Project gears up to launch their initial coin offering, they have announced a series of features aimed at luring early adopters. One of the most desirable of these features is a lottery system wherein 11 members will receive 5,000 Divi Project Tokens (DIVI) each week. They are also planning a “masternode” system that makes mining the currency much easier and more cost effective, allowing users to generate passive income.

Tim Sanders, an early member of Mark Cuban’s, former CSO of Yahoo and member of the Divi Project, has weighed in, saying, “The promise of blockchain and cryptocurrency was decentralization. Of course, we all know how that played out with Bitcoin and Mt. Gox. Divi’s approach will enable coin owners to truly manage their currency, without needing a digital bank of sorts to help them buy, hold and trade it.”

Interesting and innovative functionality is one of the biggest value proposals behind the Divi Project, and positions the network as a potential major player down the line. Ultimately, for cryptocurrency to continue its massive growth it will need mainstream adoption. Once that happens, consumer-centric platforms like the Divi Project will flourish.

It has come time for cryptocurrency to finally undergo a transformation from the raw digital form it held in the 1990s and become a platform accessible to people worldwide. While this transition will take time, the first step will be to place an increased emphasis on creating solutions for consumers’ everyday problems. Through solid product design and innovative construction, the Divi Project team is in a position to cause massive disruption in the cryptocurrency environment.

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