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‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 7 episode 5: Lagina brothers and crew find more historic connection

Photo by: Curse of Oak Island/Facebook

“The Curse of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5 is up next and new finds kept cropping up. Rick and Marty Lagina are also excited because they think they are getting to the flood tunnel that will eventually lead them to the Money Pit.

The team behind “The Curse of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5 is expected to continue the dig at deeper depth for soil samples. As the Lagina brothers said, finding the real flood tunnel is one of their aims since they step on the island because everything else seems like it could be true if they can find it.

The flood tunnel and the brooch

The hard work of the Lagina brothers and their crew seems to be paying off because apart from discoveries that made them think, there is a flood tunnel, they have also found items like the antique brooch that suggest people from many centuries back have been on the island and probably knew about the treasures buried there. In any case, in a preview for “The Curse of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5, it shows the experts checking out the soil they got at the depth of 99 to 109 feet.

Moreover, in their discussion, in a scene that will air in “The Curse Of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5, it was said that the flood tunnel was reported to be four by three feet in size which means it matches with the historic descriptions of a sand-filled tunnel. The soil they got was from four feet of consolidated sand thus, they are anticipating that this is what they have been looking for.

In any case, the team of experts will continue to examine the brooch in “The Curse Of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5 because it appears to be of great significance. It was estimated to be from the 1600s to 1700s so it could tell them something.

New link to history believed to have been found

Fresh revelations about the Founding Fathers may also be tackled in “The Curse Of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5. This was shown in the previous episode and expected to have an update in the upcoming chapter. As mentioned on TV Season & Spoilers, Drayton’s find of a still unidentified artifact may surprisingly show a connection with the Founding Fathers of the U.S.

Meanwhile, “The Curse Of Oak Island” season 7 episode 5 will arrive on Dec. 3 on History Channel at 9 p.m. ET.

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