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The Best Tips on How to Achieve Social Signals on Your Instagram Page

Are you looking for ideas about how to get more followers and likes on your Instagram account? Well, you are in the right place! We are here to help you, which is why we shared the following five tips and tricks on how to boost your account’s activity starting today. Let’s see the ways you should manage your account for the best results.


Many marketers skip this stage, but we can tell you from our successful many-year experience that hashtags are your ally. These keywords can increase your account’s visibility on Instagram, which, in turn, can lead to impressive engagement. Besides, you can create a catchy hashtag for your business on SMMrank, which will make your brand even more recognizable across social media platforms. In this case, don’t forget to place your special and unique hashtag under each new post so that your target audience can quickly find your services or products.

Explore tab

If you are new to this, you can use the explore tab to gain additional information about how to manage your account. Look at businesses in your niche and observe how they post and engage with their followers. In this way, you will get a deeper understanding of what users consider valuable in your niche.


Another simple yet useful tip you can implement for your Instagram account is creating qualitative and original content. There is nothing else that Instagram users love most. Besides, copying the content from another account won’t bring a favourable light on your brand. So, it is best to focus on uniqueness!


The text you share in the caption section of your photographs is key to your success. It would be best if you use something catchy, relevant, and that appeals to a user’s experience. Also, you should include a call to action, so that you make users engage with your content. Choosing the correct phrase can double your success, as well as make random people reading your publications feel more confident to become your follower and even regular customer.


Tagging isn’t always the main focus of marketers, but we’ve seen that it can be an efficient way of attracting more likes to your content. Share interesting content from someone’s account and tag them. Express your appreciation for their work, and we guarantee that your followers will feel like you really care about the community. Making users be sure that their desires and happiness is your number-one task will open new horizons for your business, as well as expand your target audience.

The bottom line here is that details make the difference on Instagram. And our secret to success is this: you should never be shy about finding help from special websites with paid services. And if you still don’t know which source can be used – try SocialBoss. It is a trustworthy service with a powerful marketing team that can analyse your account’s data and establish the best strategy so that you gain real and valuable social signal (likes or followers).

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