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The Benefits of Offshore Payment Processing and Advance Cash

Services like offshore payment processing and Advance Cash give people around the globe the opportunity to enhance their businesses and financial gains

Things move fast these days in almost every aspect of life. When it comes to payments, credit card, and debit card processing, people and consumers expect things to get taken care of quickly.

In order to keep up with consumer demands, payment processors can offer merchants a few different helpful ways to speed things up and increase efficiency. The ways in which they can help include offering different types of merchant accounts. Enter the offshore merchant account.

Understanding offshore payment processing

Offshore payment processing can be easily understood when broken down into two parts. The first term offshore refers to when a customer's bank is located in a different country than the company it’s conducting business with. And a payment system “is any system used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value. This includes the institutions, instruments, people, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that make its exchange possible.”

So, when you combine the terms together you end up with offshore payment processing, and this service can be incredibly beneficial to a business depending on what its unique needs are.

Benefits of going offshore

By using an offshore merchant account that specifically offers online credit card transaction processing, businesses have the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies while also enjoying the benefits of tax reductions. Another benefit is that companies can increase their volume of sales by a generous amount which in turn helps them boost their profits.

Offshore banks typically have much fewer volume restrictions and higher volume caps, so naturally, merchants in industries like pharmaceutical companies would greatly benefit by choosing offshore.

Because they boast low tax rates It’s generally agreed upon that Malta, Gibraltar, and Ireland are among the top choices for processing payments offshore, and great locations to invest in.

Due to the fact that offshore banks are generally much more liberal and lenient than mainland banks, many businesses that are considered to be high-risk look at offshore banks to do their payment processing. This is because many banks and traditional financial institutions will not accept applications with “high-risk” merchants. Industries where traditional banks might be less accepting like, adult content and online gambling, for example, might find it much easier to conduct their payment processes offshore.

Another great benefit to offshore processing is that it can help businesses keep up with consumer demands and needs, allowing them to remain open 24/7. This is beneficial in the fact that it helps businesses provide fast online credit card processing and fraud management with a constant supply of customer service.

Advance Cash

One great payment service that provides all the above-mentioned benefits and more is Advance Cash. It’s a service that has been increasingly beneficial to businesses and people around the world is Advance Cash or AdvCash. With payment habits changing rapidly, a universal payment system like Advance Cash can greatly benefit people and businesses around the world. Trusted platforms like offer people the opportunity to jump on board with the changing times, where quick and secure online payments can be a reality for everyone.

According to BitcoinWiki AdvCash is “ an offshore payment system that cooperates with MasterCard. Each user has the opportunity from anywhere in the world to order a plastic personalized offshore card, which you can use to make purchases and cash currency at ATMs around the world.” Furthermore, “The payment system AdvCash is easy to use, you do not need special knowledge and skills, spending 2 minutes on registration, you can immediately use the system and experience all the advantages of this EPS. After registration in your account, you have 4 wallets at once: USD, EUR, RUB, and GBP. There is no commission for internal transfers in the system, you can transfer funds to your friends and relatives without extra costs.”

When you withdraw money in a foreign currency from the offshore card, Advanced Cash is then converted at the exchange rate of the MasterCard system.

Due to the fact that Advance Cash is supported and accepted by almost all services and Internet projects, it is now one of the most popular payment systems in the world.

The future of payments will unmistakably be almost solely taken place online, so it only makes sense that businesses and people understand their choices when it comes to payment processing. Offshore payment processing might just be the right choice.

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