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Tesla's ‘Cybercab’ Robotaxi Interior Leaked in New Promotional Video

Tesla's promotional video leak reveals the interior of its ‘Cybercab’ Robotaxi, highlighting its innovative design.

Tesla may have unintentionally leaked the interior of its highly anticipated "Cybercab" Robotaxi in a recent promotional video, sparking excitement and speculation.

Tesla's Robotaxi Vision Unveiled

Over the past few years, Tesla has been developing a vehicle entirely engineered to operate autonomously. The company has referred to it as "Robotaxi."

Now, Tesla may have leaked interior shots of its long-rumored self-driving taxi in a promotional video to urge shareholders to approve Elon Musk's massive $56 billion remuneration package and the move of the automaker's incorporation from Delaware to Texas.

The two-minute video includes several production sequences, stunning images of Tesla's production vehicles, and remarks from Musk—including ones about autonomous taxis. Many people drew attention to a picture of the car's interior in the video that doesn't match any of the ones Tesla has released thus far.

Futuristic Design Elements of 'Cybercab'

Electrek's analysis shows that the leaked image showcases a distinct interior design. It features a two-seater configuration with a central display, a feature reminiscent of current Tesla models.

Notably, no steering wheel is a departure from conventional car designs. The seats, resembling those found in public transportation like trains, further underline the potential shift in Tesla's approach to autonomous vehicles.

Not a Tesla App reports that Tesla recently revealed its Robotaxi app and officially named the vehicle "Cybercab." As the company's CEO suggested, the unveiling will be on August 8.

Although Musk had previously stated that Tesla would prioritize the development of its next-generation $25K model over the Robotaxi, this appears to have changed. The entry-level vehicle is being shelved as the firm focuses on the autonomous car.

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

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