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Tesla's Top Designer for Model Y, 3, and Roadster Departs for Aviation Startup Skyryse

Peter Blades, famed Tesla designer, embarks on a new journey with Skyryse.

Tesla's designer, who led the design concepts for Model Y, Model 3, Roadster, and Semi-Truck, has left the company. It was reported that Peter Blades quit to move to the aviation startup called Skyryse.

Blades Time at Tesla's Designer

The former designer at Elon Musk's electric vehicle company is leaving after almost a decade of working there. From December 2014 to February 2017, he was the principal design lead for Tesla's Model 3, and from September 2016 to March 2017, he helmed the design team for the Semi trucks.

Blades was also responsible for the design of Roadster from March 2017 until January this year. Lastly, he was the creative design lead for the brand's Model Y EVs, as per Teslarati.

Shift to Skyryse: A Career Move

It was revealed that Blades has left Tesla, just joined Skyryse this month, and will take on the Vice President of Design role. The aviation firm's founder and chief executive officer, Dr. Mark Groden, said that Blades will now be in charge of revolutionizing and transforming the design of cockpits in aviation vehicles.

"Until now, cockpit design has been an afterthought in aviation," Groden said in a press release. "Peter's mission is to bring his innovative design approach to further elevate the Skyryse One interior and all of our future aircraft design to match the simplified, integrated, and revolutionary SkyOS technology that pilots will use to fly them."

Blades also commented on his move, "Joining Skyryse is a fantastic opportunity. To again have the chance to match this type of transformative technology with a fresh and new perspective on design is an amazing and humbling opportunity."

Finally, in his new job post at Skyryse, he is expected to report directly to Groden and bring his extensive experience and exceptional design approach to the forefront of aviation technology.

Photo by: Tesla Fans Schweiz/Unsplash

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