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Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Halted Amid Windshield Wiper Issue; Watch Elon’s Victory Lap

Tesla halts Cybertruck deliveries due to a giant windshield wiper problem, impacting new owners.

Tesla has paused Cybertruck deliveries due to a problem with its massive windshield wiper. The issue, which affects the largest wiper ever installed on a consumer vehicle, has caused a temporary halt in deliveries, with replacements being considered, according to the Cybertruck Owners Club.

Tesla Halts Cybertruck Deliveries Due to Windshield Wiper Motor Issue, Purchasers Report Delays

Tesla has reportedly suspended Cybertruck (via Electrek), deliveries due to an issue with the motor of its massive windshield wiper. The Cybertruck has the largest wiper ever installed on a consumer vehicle. This is the outcome of Tesla's design, which was to create a continuous line from the front end to the apex of the roof.

Consequently, there is no space to conceal wipers between the bonnet and the windshield. Instead, Tesla elected to implement a single, massive, exposed wiper that remains vertical for aerodynamic purposes.

Observers have noted that the Cybertruck had some issues, such as starting independently without explanation and remaining in a resting position rather than ascending. However, these issues were attributed to Tesla's notoriously poor auto windshield wiper system, which is present in all Tesla vehicles, not just the Cybertruck.

Currently, numerous Cybertruck purchasers are reporting that Tesla has temporarily postponed their deliveries, suggesting a brief pause in deliveries for approximately one week. Tesla has informed some of these purchasers that the windshield wiper motor is the cause of the delay, according to the Cybertruck Owners Club.

Some purchasers were informed that Tesla would be required to replace the windshield wiper motor on all Cybertrucks; however, this still needs to be verified. A recall notice has yet to be issued.

Join Tesla's 2024 "Cyber Roundup" Shareholders Meeting for Key Announcements and Results Reveals

Tesla extends an invitation for active participation in its coverage of the 2024 annual shareholders meeting, also known as the “Cyber Roundup.” This is a valuable opportunity for shareholders to be part of the decision-making process.

The full results of the shareholder ballots will be known, and several announcements will likely be made due to the event. CEO Elon Musk has already disclosed that proposals 4 and 5, which involve a revote on his 2018 CEO compensation package rescinded by a judge and the company's relocation to Texas, have already been approved.

Nevertheless, the reelection of two board members, numerous shareholder proposals, and other vote results have yet to be disclosed. Musk typically assumes the podium after Tesla's investor relations officials disclose the results of those ballots, which will undoubtedly generate a standing ovation that extends for several minutes. Subsequently, he frequently commences with an overview of Tesla's most recent year or, occasionally, its prior decade.

Occasionally, this is succeeded by a few announcements. Next, he conducts a Q&A session, which typically includes the disclosure of new information in between the unending praise from admirers.

Photo: TaurusEmerald, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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