TON: The Open Layer 1 blockchain network for everyone

A decentralized and open internet, created by the community using a technology designed by Telegram. It is made up of three components


TON blockchain - It is a collection of  2 blockchains that can process millions.TON Blockchain presents some new and unique features, such as the self-healing vertical blockchain mechanism and Instant hypercube routing which enable it to be fast, reliable, scalable, and self-consistent at the same time.  It is heterogeneous similar to the EOS and Polkadot.


TON networks- It is used for accessing the TON blockchain and for sending transactions and receiving clients' accounts and smart contracts. It uses a gossip protocol to propagate new blocks and transaction candidates.


TON payments- a platform for fast and secure payments. In this method, we need to pay the associated transaction fees and wait for five seconds until the block gets confirmed.


TON DNS -It allows users to assign a human-readable name to crypto wallets, smart contracts, and websites.


TON Storage -It helps to store archive copies of blocks, status data, and arbitrary files. Its storage technology is based on torrents.


Main features of  TON


Transaction per second -104715


Block Time-  5 seconds


Number of validators- 230


TONUSD prices lost more than 22% from a minor top of $2.699. It is currently trading around $2.13. The pair is holding below the short-term (21 and 55-day EMA) and above the long-term moving average (200-day EMA).


The near-term resistance is around $2.85, any indicative breach above will take the pair to $3.25/$3.50. On the lower side, immediate support is $2, and any violation below targets $1.70/$1.25.


Indicators ( Daily chart)


CCI(50)- Bearish


Directional movement index - Bearish


RSI - 32 (Slightly oversold)


It is good to buy on dips around $2 with SL around $1.70 for TP of $10/$14.







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