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TCG 'Force of Will' partners with two Counterparty-based projects, to launch blockchain-based online simulator next month

Trading Card Game Force of Will (FoW) is teaming up with two Counterparty-based projects and will leverage blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience for its community of over 100,000 players.

First, FoW’s online simulator, “Force of Will Battle Simulator”, scheduled to be released this September, will feature Counterparty assets as in-game items. According to the official release, it will have game items tokenized of the Bitcoin blockchain just like Spells of Genesis.

The second project is a collaboration between FoW, EverdreamSoft, and Indiesquare to create a platform that enables mobile app developers to put items on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty.

Counterparty wallet and API provider, IndieSquare, and the developer of Blockchain-based trading card game “Spells of Genesis” EverdreamSoft are jointly developing a blockchain gaming platform. Using this platform, game developers and companies can easily and securely build blockchain games similar to Spells of Genesis on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Counterparty protocol.

In addition to decentralized game item trading on the blockchain, the new joint venture between IndieSquare and EverdreamSoft will allow interoperability of game items between different games. The platform release is scheduled in September 2016.

“By providing secure and stable Counterparty infrastructure and token management interface for game developers as well as other blockchain-based tools, we are hoping to significantly lower the entry barrier for both small indie game devs and bigger game companies. When there are more blockchain games out there, that’s when the network effect kicks in and the whole concept becomes even more powerful and valuable”, said Koji Higashi, Counterparty Community Director and Co-Founder of IndieSquare.

Force of Will sells cards in more than 30 countries ranking 4th in sales volume in the North American hobby channel collectible game category. As a result of this collaboration, its players will be able to trade their game items securely on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty.

By combining IndieSquare’s Counterparty API services with EverdreamSoft’s easy to use dashboard for game management and asset registration, FoW will enable a new wave of developers to utilize blockchain game items planting the seed for a generation of games and applications with interoperable assets and items.

Eiji Shishido, CEO of Force of Will, explained the decision to use Counterparty protocol saying, “The borderless nature of blockchain technology inspired us…FoW is not an online game currently but we wanted to bring in a new value to the game industry. We wanted to offer FoW players a whole new experience and the new value proposition based on the cutting edge technology.”

The official release further stated that additional details of the project will be announced later this month, adding that the platform includes a game optimized mobile item collection app and an app developer interface for token management.

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