Stable-Coins Series: Coinbase compliance experts now featured in Facebook

Facebook has announced two new veterans joining their compliance team on-board, who formerly played their key role at Coinbase that happens to be the leading major cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Yes, we meant Mikheil Moucharrafie and Jeff Cartwright are now associated with the Facebook team to be designated as the compliance executives after serving several years at Coinbase. Moucharrafie served 4-years successfully with the key designations like anti-money laundering (AML)/bank secrecy investigator, quality assurance tester, compliance manager, and risk manager at Coinbase.

While Jeff Cartwright at Coinbase devoted approximately about five years as a head of the internal audit, director of regulatory risk and exams and compliance manager. Prior to which, Cartwright was with KPMG and Goldman Sachs for AML consultancy and AML compliance investigations respectively. He is now holding the key position of a policy and compliance manager at Facebook.

Profoundly, stable coins in the beginning stage was a product that was quickly developed to answer the demand for digital asset trading, as well as to solve the controversies surrounding fiat trading regulations. We could foresee the prospects of stable coins, when all countries could be clear and liberal in their regulations, with that said, IBM likely to render alternative and efficient settlement methods.

Of late, the interests in the trends of tokenization and stable coins are intensified as more and more.

We already reported the establishment of blockchain technology team which has been found in Facebook’s official careers page, which is as per their objective. So that they could incept a stablecoin through which their clients can transfer money via WhatsApp. The hiring of former PayPal President, David Marcus, is quite evident who is also designated as the chief of the project at Facebook.

As a result, financial veterans are perceiving the news as a constructive development that could cushion the company’s share price that slinked on a flurry of high-profile scandals during the past couple of months.

Furthermore, there have been a series of news flowing in about its listing, business prospects and forecasting of revenue and pricing.

The crypto-coin is reportedly intended to roll out during H1’2019 as many blockchain tech-savvies and developers seem to have been striving hard on the objective at a private office with confined access.

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