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Space Nation Online's Beta Airdrop Event Rewards Players with Exclusive NFT Perks

Players engage in Space Nation Online's 'Cosmorathon' for exclusive NFT rewards.

Space Nation Online, a pioneering Ethereum-based MMORPG, has launched its 'Cosmorathon' airdrop event, offering players a chance to earn exclusive NFT rewards during its closed beta phase. The event, leveraging the Immutable zkEVM network, showcases the game's innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology with immersive gameplay.

Space Nation Online Launches 'Cosmorathon' Airdrop Event with Exclusive NFT Rewards

Space Nation Online, an Ethereum-based sci-fi MMORPG built on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network, has announced a 10-week airdrop rewards event during the game's closed beta.

On Monday, players who owned specific NFTs became eligible to receive "OIK shards" (essentially airdrop points) for Space Nation Online. Every day at 9:05 UTC, a snapshot of NFT holders is taken, and those players are given their OIK shards, which can be converted to OIK tokens at a 10:1 rate. OIK is the primary token for the entire Space Nation franchise.

Space Nation was established in 2019 by gaming industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang. The Los Angeles-based video game developer is supported by filmmaker Roland Emmerich, known as the "master of disaster" for directing films such as "Stargate," "2012," and "Independence Day."

Up to 10 million OIK tokens will be airdropped during the "Cosmorathon" event, which runs until the morning of June 16.

The number of shards gamers earn will vary depending on which NFT they own. The Alpha Gate NFT owners will earn 539.572 OIK shards per day, while the Prime Navigator NFT grants holders 289.715 OIK shards daily.

It's important to note that while shards do not have to be converted to tokens right away, they will expire once the event ends, making them instantly worthless.

This is the first phase of the event, and in phase two, "a series of social events will be released." There are currently no dates or additional information for this phase of the Cosmorathon.

Closed Beta: Continuum Update Ushers in New Era of Space Exploration and Combat

Meanwhile, in the latest gaming developments, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the rollout of the Closed Beta: Continuum patch, poised to refine and enhance the virtual cosmos like never before. This update promises a blend of innovation and excitement, propelling players into a realm where the boundaries between reality and the digital universe blur.

Revolutionizing Space Combat and Exploration

Among the most notable introductions are the new class of warships, each designed with distinct capabilities and aesthetics to elevate the space combat experience:

  • Slayer (T1): This T1 combat ship is lauded for its exceptional speed and agility, making it a formidable contender in the vastness of space.

  • Valiant (T1): An advanced patrol fighter, the Valiant boasts a new propulsion system that significantly boosts its maneuverability and efficiency.

  • Gallant (T2) and Templar (T2): These T2 combat ships, celebrated for their asymmetrical design, symbolize the pinnacle of space-age engineering, offering unmatched firepower and resilience.

Expanding the Mining Fleet

The update also introduces a tiered system of mining ships, from small-scale efficient vessels in Tier 1 to the colossal, robust ships of Tier 3, each equipped to tackle the diverse challenges of space mining.

Innovative Features for an Immersive Experience

  • Ship Armor: A new layer of defense, offering players enhanced survivability in the perilous depths of space.

  • Proof of Contribution: A reward mechanism designed to recognize and incentivize players’ efforts in expanding the Continuum universe.

Enhanced Accessibility and Interaction

  • Ship Rental Store: A feature allowing players to rent ships, democratizing access to various spacecraft configurations.

  • NPC Store: This system enables direct transactions with NPCs, allowing for the purchase and sale of items, further integrating players into the game's economy.

Emerging Threats and Strategic Trade

  • Interstellar Ghosts and Instigators: New adversaries emerge, challenging players to adapt and strategize to ensure survival and victory.

  • Trading System: An official store accepting USDT payments and a mail feature for reward collection are introduced alongside refined settings for visual rendering and gameplay customization.

Exploratory Horizons Broadened

The game's universe has significantly expanded, featuring over six planets and their surrounding cosmos, with additional indoor environments and a space station scene, offering players unprecedented exploratory freedom.

This patch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Continuum universe. It embodies the spirit of exploration and the endless quest for innovation in the gaming industry. As players navigate through this enriched landscape, the anticipation for what lies beyond the horizon of virtual space exploration continues to grow.

Photo: Space Nation Online

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