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Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe: Dating rumors dismissed for good — Actress reportedly marries music producer, 'Outlander' co-star attends

From the official “Outlander” season 4 trailer. | Photo by STARZ/YouTube screenshot

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are portraying one of the most loved on-screen couples on TV right now. Their scenes as Jamie and Claire in the “Outlander” series are so convincing that many fans continue hoping the romance extends in real life.

The actors have addressed the dating rumors several times and have dismissed all of it. But a report this week might be the one to lay all speculations to rest ultimately. Balfe has reportedly tied the knot with long-time boyfriend, Tony McGill and Heughan might have been one of their guests.

Balfe married music producer BF this week?

The first report on Balfe’s rumored wedding came from PEOPLE claiming that the model-turned-actress walked down the aisle on Saturday. Heughan’s good friend and co-star tied the knot with McGill at the St. Mary’s Church in the English town of Bruton, Somerset.

The report is based on tips from “multiple sources,” however, representatives of Balfe have yet to confirm the news. The wedding report is also not lost to “Outlander” fans. So when Heughan shared a photo of him looking dapper in a suit and tie by Dunhill, his Instagram comments section are filled with well wishes and questions about Balfe’s reported marriage.

In 2018, Balfe confirmed to the same publication that McGill had already proposed to her at the time she walked the Golden Globes red carpet in January that year. Balfe and McGill have reportedly been dating for a couple of years before getting engaged.

Balfe, Heughan dating rumors: They were never romantically involved

Fans can be a little to attached these days, so it was not surprising when they started “shipping” Balfe and Heughan due to their convincing acting as Claire and Jamie for years. However, both actors have repeatedly told reports that there is no truth to the dating rumors and they are just good friends doing their acting jobs.

Balfe told Entertainment Weekly in 2016 that talking about how they are not romantic couples in real life have become tiring at some point. Meanwhile, Heughan also said in the same interview that it was saddening for him to learn that some fans were actually disappointed that they are not dating for real. But the actor decided to take it as a sign that he and Balfe had done a great job in “Outlander.”

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