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Ravil Khusainov: From Self-Taught Programmer to Trailblazing iOS Developer

Ravil Khusainov

Written by: James Carnell

Growing up in a small village, Ravil Khusainov had limited access to technology. However, fueled by a strong interest in programming from an early age, he was determined to explore the world of coding. Teaching himself programming by reading online guides on creating games using Object Pascal, Ravil invested his time and effort into developing his skills, unaware of the significant impact it would have on his future.

After completing high school, Ravil eagerly pursued higher education in a larger city, enrolling in Information Processing and Control Automated Systems Engineering at the Kazan National Research Technological University. This academic journey equipped him with additional tools for his programming arsenal. Learning languages such as C/C++, SQL, and the fundamentals of web development, Ravil set the stage for a future filled with tech-related opportunities. His willingness to embrace new challenges and continuously learn new skills became a defining characteristic that set him apart in the competitive industry.

Ravil's first major professional opportunity came with BossNote, a note-taking application seeking to expand its offerings and attract users. Although he had no prior experience in mobile development, Ravil took on the task of creating an iOS application for BossNote. Drawing from his earlier days of self-teaching, he quickly acquired the necessary skills to develop exceptional iOS applications. Starting with a simple iPad application, Ravil eventually crafted the main BossNote application, which made its way to the Apple App Store.

In just 2.5 years, Ravil's contributions propelled the success of BossNote, resulting in significant company growth. From being one of three employees when he started, the team expanded to 20 employees by the time he moved on to new endeavors. During his time at BossNote, Ravil assumed the responsibility of iOS strategy and development, even spearheading the growth of the mobile development department within the company. In addition to his professional achievements, Ravil mentored junior iOS developers, supported Android developers, and pursued a master's degree.

Over the following years, Ravil ventured into supporting a variety of outsourced development projects. As an accomplished mobile developer, his in-demand skill set led him to tackle increasingly complex projects. His first experience with a US-based organization was with Lattis, a platform offering micro-mobility services like bicycle and scooter rentals. The success of Lattis hinged on providing users with a user-friendly mobile application, a responsibility that Ravil embraced as the lead developer for the entire platform during his 5.5 years there.

One of Ravil's notable contributions at Lattis was a side project called Lattis Operator. This project aimed to enable operators to utilize the platform through mobile devices rather than relying solely on the website. Ravil not only developed the iOS application for this project but also created an internal command line tool to manage iOS and Android deep links using Swift. Additionally, he implemented auto-deployment logic for his projects and became an expert in Bluetooth connectivity on iOS.

Throughout his life, Ravil has relied on his innate curiosity and ability to learn complex skills with minimal external guidance. Rooted in his problem-solving nature, he views every new opportunity as an exciting challenge. To Ravil, adaptability and continuous skill acquisition are essential for developers in today's fast-paced industry. As he continues to navigate his career as an iOS developer, Ravil remains committed to seeking projects and experiences that push him beyond his comfort zone, expose him to unfamiliar skills, and offer ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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