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Pure Copper’s Value Continues to Soar — And Three Valley Copper (TVC.V) Has Lots of It

Market forces have made high-grade copper one of the most valuable resources in the world — and Three Valley Copper (TVC.V) is already producing the highest grade copper available.

This puts Three Valley Copper in an advantageous position as the value of copper has grown dramatically in the past decade with few signs of slowing down. The metal is intensely invaluable and necessary for human habitation and the continuing decarbonization of the planet. It is indispensable for plumbing, electrical, and transportation needs worldwide.

There’s a rising demand for copper everywhere coupled with a diminishing mine supply available worldwide. This is resulting in supply deficits of copper in excess of 300,000 tonnes in 2021 and likely to increase to >500,000 tonnes in the near future, per industry onlookers. This rise will only continue unless there are major shifts in the supply industry, experts say.

"Refined production output will be hindered during this period by slowing mine production growth rates unless there is significant investment in the copper project pipeline," said S&P Global Market commodity analyst Thomas Rutland, a leading expert on the mining mineral industry.

Production output is particularly difficult with oxygen-free copper, also known as 99.99% pure copper.

This high-grade copper material is highly valuable for the defense, transportation, and aerospace engineering sectors. Copper’s reliably high electrical conductivity has made it crucial for many tech products.

The value of oxygen-free copper will continue to grow with the development of electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly machinery. Many of these projects require an ample supply of high-grade, oxygen-free copper as they expand their products into the green era.

That’s why Three Valley Copper is a company to watch.

The company’s production operations in Chile have been highly successful at producing pure copper. Chile has long been the global center for copper production, and Three Valley Copper is one of the companies at the forefront of mining extraction and production of pure copper.

Three Valley Copper’s trademark electrolytic copper cathodes are known to have a purity level of 99.99%, making it the highest-quality cathodes available on the market.

That’s a notable achievement, given the difficulty of producing pure, or oxygen-free, copper.

Copper minerals are separated from host rocks in the mining and milling process before the copper can be refined for industry use. This is a long, often expensive process. It takes on average worldwide greater than 10 years to discover a copper mining deposit and begin the production of copper.

That’s why companies who are able to produce this precious material are some of the most valuable on the market — companies like Three Valley Copper.

The company’s business strategy has been built around refining the copper at its Papomono Masivo and Don Gabriel deposits in central Chile, and continuing to find other profitable sources of copper in the region.

Less than 10% of Three Valley Copper’s extensive landholdings (>46,000 hectares) have been explored, and future exploration programs are likely to yield higher-grade copper discoveries, according to mining experts.

Three Valley Copper and other major producers of 99.99% pure copper are likely going to be some of the companies to watch in the near future.

There is massive profit potential for high-grade copper, which is the building block for current civilization and also future technologies.

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