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Pros and Cons To Buy Facebook Page Likes (Honest Review and Best Sites)

Do you plan to buy Facebook page likes to give it its needed boost? Make a smarter decision by learning its potential pros and cons with the help of this guide.

Here’s a simple truth: your business will never be able to survive online without the help of social media marketing. It’s not just an optional promotional tactic. It is a requirement.

The best thing about it is it completely democratized marketing. It is accessible to any business, regardless of its scale and industry. There are a lot of things that you can do for no cost at all.

That’s not to say that some investments wouldn’t help. For instance, when you buy Facebook page likes, it can give your business page a significant boost.

Why Do You Need To Buy Facebook Page Likes?

According to recent statistics, Facebook enjoys almost three billion active users each month. It has also been found that 66% of these users visit a local business page weekly. Doing the quick math, that’s roughly two billion potential customers a week.

The problem is, it has also been stated in another report that there are over 60 million active business pages. It was not stated whether this includes pages for individuals, groups, and interests that may also conduct business on the side.

That’s a lot of competition. Do you know what can help set your page apart from others and give it that extra boost? That’s right. The answer is a lot of page likes.

Think of this engagement as a sign of approval coming from your online patrons. This will then encourage other people to lend you their trust and join your growing community.

While it’s possible to grow your likes organically through strategic planning, quality content, and perseverance, it will still take several months to a couple of years until your number of likes reaches a point that will significantly influence other platform users.

The Advantages of Buying Facebook Page Likes

The good news is, further growing your number of likes is not the only benefit of purchasing Facebook likes. Here are its other advantages:

Boosts Other Types of Facebook Engagement

It is natural human behavior to get intrigued when there’s a crowd. Hence, people pay more attention to pages with more likes compared to those that have fewer ones.

Once you’ve gotten someone’s attention, they won’t just look at your likes. They will most likely check out your published content as well. This will then lead to an increase in post likes, comments, views, and more.

Can Increase Activity in Other Social Media Channels

People are also more encouraged to check out your other social media channels. After all, even regular online users maintain multiple social media accounts at a time.

That’s the magic of social media marketing. It can trigger a domino effect of increased interaction and conversion just by purchasing one type of engagement service.

Influences Facebook Algorithm

Online users are not the only ones who notice your increased engagement. Facebook recognizes that as well. This is the reason why their algorithm favors pages with quality engagement.

They also make it a point to prioritize your content over others for users who already interacted with your page in the past.

Can Potentially Bring Revenue

Finally, having a lot of page likes can also increase your revenue. It can encourage other businesses to work and collaborate with you.

It can add a layer of credibility that can then boost conversion. And since it gets your page more attention, it can also increase your sales.

The Disadvantages of Buying Facebook Page Likes

Like other marketing tactics, though, this method doesn’t come without its own set of disadvantages. Here they are:

Can Make Your Page Analytics Inaccurate

One of the main disadvantages that we have found after we buy Facebook likes is that it makes it harder to analyze our data. As marketers, we want to know which of our methods worked and which didn’t. This tactic can sometimes make it confusing for us to discern our authentic likes from purchased ones.

The same confusion also arises when we buy Facebook post likes. This is the reason why we always keep a record of our engagement purchases.

Can Put Your Credibility at Risk

What do you think happens when there are a lot of likes on an empty page? People start to question that page’s credibility. Fortunately, there is a very simple fix.

Support your purchased engagement with quality content. This way, people won’t even notice that you have bought any of your engagement.

We also recommend you buy Facebook post likes to get weaker posts up to speed. The key is to achieve balance. No type of engagement should significantly overshadow the rest.

Best Places To Buy Facebook Likes

In the end, the decision to find the best sites to buy Facebook likes is difficult. If ever you make up your mind to try it out, though, then here are our two recommended social media marketing agencies:

1. Stormlikes

We will be remiss if we don’t mention Stormlikes. This company caters to multiple social media platforms as well. It currently offers four Facebook-centric engagement, namely page likes, post likes, views, and followers. You can also buy Instagram followers, likes and views from them.

It has eight multi-tiered page likes packages ranging from 50 to 5,000 page likes.

Both of the companies we have featured provide real Facebook likes from active accounts owned by real people. They are also known to deliver their engagement almost instantly after you have settled your payment.

You can buy Facebook page likes from

2. Social Viral

Social-Viral is one of the top social media marketing companies out there, and for a good reason. They provide top-quality engagement for the biggest platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

They have four Facebook engagement services: page likes, post likes, views, and followers. These categories can be further divided into multiple packages depending on your preferred number of engagement and budget.

For instance, they have seven page likes packages ranging from 50 to 3,000 page likes.

You will also be pleased to learn that both Social-Viral and Stormlikes have 24/7 customer support for all your queries and concerns.

You can buy Facebook views from

Your Facebook Journey Is Only Just Beginning

As mentioned, buying Facebook likes is not a done deal. You must still work hard to achieve the Facebook presence level that your business needs to thrive.

Hence, we also recommend checking out other techniques to get more likes on your pages and increase other forms of engagement. Good luck!

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