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'One Piece' episode 895 release date, spoilers: ‘Stampede’ movie-related filler arc follows Portgas D. Ace flashback

From the “One Piece: Stampede” trailer | Photo by ONE PIECE Official YouTube Channel

The adaptation of Wano arc into anime has been met with mostly positive reactions from fans, so far. Unfortunately, the main story will take a break for a couple of weeks to give way to a filler arc starting in “One Piece” episode 895. This short detour is linked to the upcoming “Stampede” movie.

“One Piece” episode 895 plot: What happens in the filler arc?

Based on available details, “One Piece” episode 895 will open the filler arc titled “Carbonic King Acid.” The first filler installment suggests a fierce bounty hunter is going to be introduced. Plot information is scarce, but it will be nice to see someone going after the high-profile pirates.

It is important to note that the timeline at which “One Piece” episode 895 takes place happens just after the Whole Cake Island arc. This means that Luffy’s and Sanji’s bounties have just been upgraded to 1.5 billion and 330 million berries, respectively. Episode 895 should be interesting since it is titled “The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cider.”

“One Piece” episode 895: What to expect

As mentioned, details about the events in “One Piece” episode 895 are still under wraps. But fans should get more idea once episode 894 airs this weekend since every installment typically contains a brief preview of what will happen in the following week. The filler arc will wrap up in episode 896 where Luffy will battle against the Carbonic Acid King.

“One Piece” episode 895 will serve as an introduction to the plot of “One Piece: Stampede.” The movie centers on the Pirates Expo where all pirates are gathered to join one big treasure hunt. Some of the most important characters will appear including the Straw Hats, Law, Basil Hawkins, Kid, X Drake, Monkey D. Garp, and Gol D. Roger among others.

“One Piece” episode 895 release date

The opening of the filler arc is the last installment to air this month. It will follow another exciting Wano episode where Tama is expected to tell Luffy how Portgas D. Ace arrived in Wano. The late pirate was dedicated to helping its people oppressed by Kaido’s men that Luffy would want to continue what Ace has started.

“One Piece” episode 895 will air on July 28 to be followed by another filler on Aug. 4. “One Piece: Stampede” movie will premiere in Japan on Aug. 9. The movie is produced in celebration of the anime series’ 20th anniversary.

By Jess Ferrera
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