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‘One Piece’ chapter 987 release date, full leaks: Perospero, Marco team up in Onigashima raid; Luffy finds Big Mom

From the Wano Kuni arc recap video | Photo credit: ToeiAnimationUS / YouTube screenshot

The full-on raid of Onigashima is finally taking place in “One Piece” chapter 987, but not without some surprises. Marco and Perosperos, for some reason, are arriving in Kaido’s castle while Luffy and Big Mom are reunited.

‘One Piece chapter’ 987 reveals the unlikely partnership of Marco and Perospero

Marco the Phoenix is one of the exciting additions to the Minks-pirates-samurai alliance. He appeared in an earlier chapter of Wano Arc where he knocked off the Big Mom Pirates ship while it was climbing the waterfalls into Wano. However, the leaked spoilers for “One Piece” chapter 987 indicate that he and Perospero are arriving in Onigashima together.

This suggests that Perospero is helping the alliance with Marco in some capacity, and fans have an idea why. It can be recalled that Perospero previously said he does not approve of Big Mom and Kaido’s alliance. So there is a very good chance that he is sincerely on Marco and Wano’s side, at least, in “One Piece” chapter 987.

Luffy finds Big Mom in ‘One Piece’ chapter 987

While Kaido is being attacked, the “One Piece” chapter 987 leaks say Big Mom will face Luffy. The Yonko will then ask the Straw Hats captain if he is in Wano to take down Kaido. To which Luffy responds that he is in the country to defeat all of them: Kadio, Orochi, Big Mom, and their allies.

However, something is interesting in the way Big Mom asks Luffy about his intentions of defeating Kaido. Does this foreshadow Big Mom betraying Kaido down the line? Hopefully, the full copy of “One Piece” chapter 987 will give more hints.

‘One Piece chapter’ 987 highlights: Red Scabbards use Ryo attack on Kaido

The meetings of Marco and Perospero and Luffy and Big Mom are interesting, but the highlight of “One Piece” chapter 987 has to be the Red Scabbards’ attack on Kaido. Using all their might, the leaks say they will be able to pierce their swords on Kaido. This will also make his wound, the one Oden gave him, to feel pain again. But what surprises Kaido more is that the Red Scabbards also know how to use Oden’s Ryo attack.

“One Piece” chapter 987 will be released in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Fans around the world can read the official English copy for free through Manga Plus and Viz’s Shonen Jump.

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