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‘One Piece’ chapter 985 release date, spoilers: Kaido announced the Onigashima Project as Yamato’s shocking identity was finally revealed

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Kaido’s child has been exposed, and the person’s face was uncovered too. The big reveal was so shocking to many, especially the avid readers, because it was not a simple revelation, but there was a big twist.

In “One Piece” chapter 985, more details about Yamato’s identity is expected to be brought out in the open. Kaido also made an announcement about the Onigashima project, but what exactly it is will be divulged in the upcoming story.

Recap of the previous chapter

In last week’s story, chapter 984, titled “My Bible,” Yamato narrated that he saw Oden being executed twenty years ago. After witnessing how brave and courageous he was, he decided to become like him.

The twist here is that Yamato turned out to be a female, and with her goal to be like Oden, she transformed her appearance to look like a male. Kaido learned about this, and even though he loathes the idea that his daughter wants to be the person he executed two decades ago, he respected and followed her desire to be identified as a man.

Elsewhere, Luffy came face to face with Yamato, and they fought at first because the former is suspicious of this newly-arrived individual. When Yamato told Luffy that he wants to talk to him, the latter agreed after hearing that Yamato witnessed Oden’s execution.

Momosuke is also on the verge of being executed in Kaido’s castle. Robin and Jimbei are among the audience, and they were waiting for the samurai to come and stop the execution. It is likely that Momo would be saved in “One Piece” chapter 985.


Yamato accepted the fact that his daughter wants to be known as a man, and he supported her by allowing her to be what she wants. She also looks up to Oden, and Kaido also accepted this fact as well, and in fact, he admires his “son” Yamato’s bravery by aspiring to become like Oden.

In any case, a war will break out soon and Kaido is prepared as he already has everything he needs to defeat Luffy and his allies. “One Piece” chapter 985 may show Yamato joining the straw hats pirates since he is on Oden’s side and reclaiming Wano is one of his goals too, in fulfillment of Oden’s dying wish.

“One Piece” chapter will be delayed so there is no release this week. Instead, the upcoming chapter will arrive on July 19, as per One Piece Fandom.

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