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‘One Piece’ chapter 972 spoilers: Nine Red Scabbards live on to make Oden’s dream a reality

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Scans of “One Piece” chapter 972 finally dropped. Here are some of the highlight that happens in the manga series.

Crowd begs Orochi to cancel Oden’s execution

After Shinubo explained to the crowd how Oden actually protected them by his naked dancing, the people start to appreciate what the Daimyo of Kuri did for their sake. In fact, some of them begs Orochi to stop the execution in “One Piece’ chapter 972.

However, it will all be in vain. Rather than listening to their pleas, Orochi orders his men to shoot down those vocal ones with arrows. The crowd can do nothing but watch as the 1-hour punishment goes on.

Oden passes the 1-hour mark

Oden continues to suffer the boiling oil and Orochi makes sure to raise the temperature of the oil to over 700 degrees. Despite the unbearable heat, the Daimyo continues to endure for the sake of his men.

Finally, the one-hour limit is over. People finally begin celebrating for Oden’s success saying that a miracle just happened for Oden to have survived such ordeal. Unfortunately, Orochi and Kaido are there to make sure that no miracle happens on that day.

Without warning, Orochi’s men open fires on Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards in “One Piece” 972. Oden then throws his men with great force to help them escape the massacre.

Although they want to help Oden or perish with him, the Scabbard already promised to do their best to make his dream of opening up Wano a reality. Thus, the Nine Red Scabbards ran to escape Orochi’s men.

Toki proves she’s not the traitor

Previously, there were speculations that Oden’s wife Toki might be the traitor hinted at by Wano. But the recent “One Piece” 972 manga chapter proved that probably none of the Nine Red Scabbard is a traitor. “Fuck I have a very hard time believing any of these people are traitors, after all that,” a Redditor commented.

Upon learning of her husband’s death, Toki reads Oden’s letter but she couldn’t get herself to read it to the end. “Look closely Oden, 20 years into the future!!!” she makes a vow to her husband.

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