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‘One Piece’ chapter 971 spoilers: Is Oden planning to leave Wano behind?

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There are a few more days to go before the “One Piece” chapter 971 release date officially arrives. But, as expected, the net is already flooded with some exciting spoilers about the upcoming chapter.

Why Oden endured dancing

Fans have always wondered why Oden endured dancing in the streets naked for five years. Previously, some fans even proposed that the only reason must be some form of Devil Fruit ability that compelled Oden to dance and that he had really no control over his body at that time.

But recent “One Piece” chapter 971 spoilers finally put to rest all of those speculations. It turns out that Oden was in full control over his body the entire time and that it was his decision to do it in the first place.

It appears that Orochi offered him a deal. He’ll spare the lives of people captured every time Oden danced naked on the streets. Of course, the simple-minded Oden did not see that the real reason behind Orochi’s proposal was to buy enough time until Kaido consolidates enough power and, at the same time, the dancing would lower Oden’s prestige in the eyes of the people.

“Him dancing naked was to save the people that was captured when he got into the Orochi castle,” wrote one Redditor named u/brikskohuh in the” One Piece” 971 Spoilers thread. “The deal was he can save 100 lives per dance.”

Kaido agrees to Oden ‘s proposal

In “One Piece” chapter 971, Oden will put forth a new proposal to Kaido. “Oden said if he can endure the boiling for the time they decided, then they have to let those who are still alive go,” u/brikskohuh wrote.

Kaido will reportedly agree to the deal and will set the time limit to one hour. “We’ll see if you endured it for 60 min,” Kaido replies.

Oden will then enter the boiling pot of oil. “One Piece” chapter 971 ends as the Daimyo of Kuri is just 5 minutes into the pot.

Does Oden plan to leave Wano?

Interestingly, there’s a line in “One Piece” chapter 971that would change the way people view Oden. “Once the ship I am making completes... after 5 years I will ship out of this country, believe this promise between the 2 of us,” the line says.

The Redditor who made the leaks believes that it was a line spoken by Oden. If this speculation is true, does it mean that Oden is planning to leave Wano behind?

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