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NZ Online Gambling Statistics During Lockdown

As a result of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), each country in the world has been adversely affected. The pandemic has stopped the economic progress of every nation. One of the sectors that Covid-19 has altered is the lottery. Keep reading to find out how the epidemic has affected the lottery business in New Zealand (NZ).

NZ Players Gamble Less During Lockdown

Due to Covid-19, bettors in NZ have minimized their gambling activities. This is according to a study by Nielsen and Health Promotion Agency. Nielsen is a global research market firm. The study benefited from 1190 responses from participants who were aged over 18 years.

According to the data, 39% of the study participants have taken part in lottery activities during the government imposed lockdown. During the period under review, the gamblers played the game at different levels. While 9% of players indicate that lottery activities had increased, 41% of the bettors played at the same level, similar to one before lockdown. Yet 50% of the sampled participants say that they had slowed down on gambling activities during the lockdown.

According to the report, there were no significant variations in gambling behavior across the different age groups. However, participants aged 18-24 indicated that they had played the lottery in an elevated manner.

In terms of playing lottery online, 8% of respondents indicated that they'd used platforms and apps for the first time. While 12% of the respondents said that they had expanded their betting levels online, 24 percent had minimized their gambling. Respondents who had not changed their levels of playing were 33%.

The study also revealed interesting facts about different age groups as regards online betting. While 18% of respondents aged 25 and 49 indicated that they had elevated their gambling activities during the lockdown, those aged 65 and above lessened gambling activities.

Reasons to Decrease Gambling Activity

Respondents had different feelings about online gambling. For those who minimized activities within gambling site during the period in review, 50% asserted that they were concerned with their finances. While 13% felt that they were gambling excessively, 11% said that they were advised by someone to lessen their gambling activities.

The 51% newcomers in online gambling indicated that they had shifted to an online lottery because the premises were closed during the lockdown.

Respondents also answered questions on problem gambling. While 17% of bettors are worried about their gambling habits, 9% indicated they were concerned about a close person's gambling in their household.

Different age groups showed various concerns about their gambling problems. Those aged 25 to 49 had been 28% worried about their online lottery playing activities.

Those aged 18-24 displayed 28% worry about their online gaming problems while age groups between 50-64 years show 6% worry.

One of the problems of online gaming is addiction. Bettors who are addicted to online lotteries may spend vast sums of their savings, borrow money for betting, and leave their families vulnerable. Bettors affected by gambling problems may be depressed, and sometimes others may commit suicide.

Some Punters Still Placing Bets

Multiple reasons were also cited for engaging in online lottery activities. For instance, 34% of the respondents said that they joined in online betting during the lockdown because of boredom. Gamblers also engaged in the lottery because they wanted to win prizes (28%), the desire to calm down (25%), as a socializing technique (16%), and to lessen stress and anxiety (15%).

The young people aged 18-24 increased their gambling activities to 22% during the lockdown period. Most of them may have indulged in gambling as a way of killing boredom. The group mentioned above also had many newcomers in betting during the Covid-19 period.

During the lockdown in NZ, specific activities related to gambling like horse racing have been suspended by the Department of Internal Affairs. Lotto New Zealand has stopped selling lottery tickets at various points like petrol stations and supermarkets. While this move has lessened physical cards, buying online cards has increased.

During the lockdown period, online gambling activities have spiked in NZ. Many gamblers are finding the sites entertaining, which kills boredom. Faced with the challenge of financial difficulty, some bettors play lottery online to win prizes. Some punters have gone online due to the closure of land-based betting venues, which has made the number increase.

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