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NFT: Philadelphia 76ers launches legacy NFT collection

Photo by: NBA Press Release

Philadephia 75ers announced the launch of its first NFT collection through its partnership with The company is also the NBA team's sponsor, and its name is on the 76ers jerseys.

The team is releasing its first batch of Legacy non-fungible tokens this month. As Philadephia Business Journal reported, the team revealed the first of 13 drops of its Legacy NFT collection on on Wednesday, Nov. 3. The Sixers' president of business operations, Chris Heck, said that each of the non-fungible token collectibles is custom-designed and will feature significant moments in the franchise's history.

It was added that the release of the NFTs will coincide with each of the team's 13 "Spirit of 76" games this season. The first drop honors the Sixers' inaugural game that was played on Oct. 18, 1967, at the Spectrum.

The Sixers moved from the Philadephia Civic Center to the Philadelphia Spectrum after winning the NBA championship for the 1966-67 season. At the new arena, the 76ers won their first game and defeated L.A. Lakers in front of more than 9,000 basketball fans. It was an overwhelming win for the team that got away with a big score margin of 103-87.

At that time, Wilt Chamberlain and Billy Cunningham, who are both Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famers, led the team to victory. Now, moments from this game will be featured in the NFT collection, where each one was designed and animated by Black Madre, a well-known Brazilian artist.

"NFTs are an exciting new collectible space and one through which we'll pay homage to great moments in franchise history during the Spectrum era of 76ers basketball," Heck said in a press release. "Through the Legacy NFT Collection, the past and present will converge via one-of-a-kind collectibles."

The 76ers Legacy NFT Collection is divided into three tiers, and these are also said to be very rare. The three tiers are the Original, Banner, and Signature. All the drops will have one Original series, including 49 mystery packs; thus, the total number of collectibles for every drop is 50.

The Original series is said to be an item for auction and will be available for only 48 hours after each drop. There are many perks for the winning bidders as he or she will also receive extraordinary fan access to 76ers memorabilia and experiences. Additionally, he or she will be treated to an exclusive meet and greet, enjoy lunch prepared by the team's chef, and have a chance to watch the Sixer's practice.

Finally, part of the earnings from the sale of the 76ers Legacy NFT collection will go to the Sixers Youth Foundation.

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