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‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 262 release date, speculations: Mirko goes all out against high-level Nomus

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“My Hero Academia” chapter 262 is expected to show Mirko going all out as she tries to deal with numerous high-level Nomus. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for a bit longer before the chapter arrives since the team will be on a one-week break next week.

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 261 recap

“My Hero Academia” chapter 261, which is titled “High-Ends,” starts with Mirko finally entering the laboratory of the Nomu creator. The scientist was saddened when he realized that the Nomu Johnny was killed when the laboratory’s door blasted by Mirko fell on him.

Apparently, Doctor Ujiko did not consider Johnny to be a mere creation but his friend. “You did good Johnny,” the scientist bid farewell to his long-time assistant. “Your insatiable curiosity and inquisitive nature had always been my source of strength. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, my friend.”

Mirko relayed to Endeavor what happened in the laboratory. But the rest of the Pro-Hero team was busy at the moment dealing with a horde of Nomu so Endeavor instructed Mirko to just capture the doctor.

But just as Mirko was about to attack the scientist, he reluctantly used his trump cards. He activated some high-end Nomus and have them deal with the intruder Mirko.

But Mirko remains unfazed even when facing numerous high-level opponents. She said that she is just getting warmed up and vowed that the doctor won’t be able to escape from her.

‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 262 predictions

Just as she promised, Mirko will continue her battle against the numerous Nomu’s protecting the scientist in "My Hero Academia" chapter 262. Given her confidence, it appears that Mirko just might have what it takes to defeat all of them.

However, it won’t be an easy battle. Previously, it appears that Mirko already suffered some injuries and would no longer be in her top fighting form. Defeating all of the high-end Nomus might take longer than anticipated.

This would probably give the doctor enough time to make his getaway. But even if she manages to subdue all of the Nomus, Mirko will still be facing one last obstacle in her way, the doctor’s masterpiece Tomura Shigaraki.

Unfortunately, “My Hero Academia” chapter 262 won’t be released next week because the team will be on a one-week break. This means that the chapter will be out on March 2.

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