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Milberg Factors: Family Factoring Business Turned NYC Institution

Milberg provides a vast range of services, including Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing, Letters of Credit and Import Financing, Equipment Financing, Mortgages, and Acquisition Finance. Here is their business profile.

What is Milberg Factors Inc.?

Milberg Factors is a privately held company that specializes in factoring and commercial financing. Based on an entrepreneurial attitude and set of values that have stayed unchanged in over 75 years of conducting business, they're devoted to providing customers with the financial resources and individual attention they need to develop and succeed.

They're driven to create customized factoring and financing solutions that fit their clients' specific requirements - and help them flourish. They accomplish this by providing a diverse range of services, as well as a level of client devotion and responsiveness that is unrivaled in the business.

Their goal is to establish long-term connections with their customers while maintaining their commitment to them. They're set up in such a way that they can spend the majority of their time talking to clients, staying on top of their changing needs, and assisting them in meeting those needs.

Milberg's objective is to be your financial "partner" in business, having a strong interest in your success today and tomorrow.

David Milberg - Senior Vice President

A large part of Milberg Factors' success has been due to David J. Milberg, Senior Vice President. He was a Vice President at Lehman Brothers Investment Banking Division before joining Milberg Factors, where he worked on stock issues, debt offers, and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Milberg started his finance career with Bankers Trust Company, where he worked in the Loan Sales and Syndications Group, which was in charge of syndicating and selling participations in leveraged buyout loans.

David Milberg is a graduate of Princeton University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, where he earned his MBA.

The Milberg Factors website has David Milberg listed as an active stakeholder and principal. Milberg has assisted Milberg Factors in securing a number of significant accounts throughout his time with the company. In addition, early in David's tenure at the firm, he spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at modernizing the business, including the implementation of a local area network, the launch of internet access and e-mail, the creation of online reports for clients, improved internal reporting, and enhancements to the Company's 401K plan.

David Milberg has been involved in various non-profit activities during his time at Milberg Factors. David was honored in 2000 by Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York's accountants and bankers division, as well as the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Foundation, for his charity contributions. David has also served on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was Vice-Chairman and has been an active member of the Lincoln Center Business Council, a supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater.

Setting Milberg Factors Apart From The Competition

As evidenced by David Milberg, the leaders of Milberg Factors have a proven track record of success. Those in charge of client accounts also make loan choices - they are the firm's proprietors. As a result, they are able and always willing to go to extraordinary lengths to assist their clients. The devotion and compassion the leadership extends to everyone they work with are unlike anything you envision from a significant publicly traded financial institution.

Furthermore, they have a demonstrated track record of guiding clients safely through the natural twists and turns and achieve even greater heights when the waters calm. Milberg Factors sits down with clients as their financial needs change, works out solutions, and sees them through – often lending in situations that would scare off the less experienced. The company has a good track record in assessing risk, among other things.

Milberg Factors features many different practices that separate them from others in the industry.

They are aware of the need to get things done quickly. Decisions they can make immediately get made. Milberg Factors’ team works closely as an interconnected financial unit that will come together at a moment’s notice, if needed, to offer assistance to clients.

The company’s leadership looks at the big picture, free of conventional loan procedures, and arranges financing that makes sense for the client based on rational experience and judgment, along with an up-to-date understanding of the current markets.

Milberg Factors’ customers have access to advice backed by real experience from every associate on the team. Any firm can lend money, but their clients always have someone experienced to talk to when they have a follow-up ask or have an odd business situation that needs handling — or even an unexpected success.

Taking Pride in Overall Retention Rates

Their employee retention rate supports the principals’ dedication and overall vision. As a result, Milberg Factors’ clients benefit from unrivaled continuity over time. Again take Senior Vice President David Milberg as a prime example of employee longevity. Milberg began with the firm in 1995 and still holds a place inside the leadership’s inner circle.

Milberg Factors has grown far beyond just the family-named venture David’s grandfather started all those years ago. At the guiding hands of David Milberg’s father, Leonard, and Milberg himself, Milberg Factors has grown into an NYC financial staple.

Their deep financial strength and multiple available lines of credit demonstrate their willingness and ability to deploy resources.

They're big enough to create loans exceeding $30 million, yet small enough to know you by name when you walk through the door, considering they are one of the largest factoring and commercial finance organizations in the United States.

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