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Michelle Obama appearance mocked: Barack’s wife allegedly looks like a man in a dress; Netizens call her ‘gorilla’

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Obama’s appearance was recently mocked by some of her critics.

On Twitter, some netizens claimed that Barack Obama’s wife looks like a man wearing a dress. Others even went as far as calling the ex-FLOTUS a gorilla.

“Don’t think this is Michelle Obama? Looks like a man dress like a woman!” Twitter user @SalgueroLydia said.

“I think Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have some sort of health issue. Barack used to be/still might be a marijuana smoker. Michelle is ugly/looks like a man and never had pregnancy photos. Why would they have kids that were produced by someone else? Weird!” Twitter user @rrodriguez244 said.

“It’s true. Compare her to Michelle Obama who looks like a man. I’m not saying she is a tranny because I want to live, but she still looks like a man to me. Melania is far prettier and more feminine looking,” Twitter user @OneProphetess said.

“She honestly looks like a man,” Twitter user @Susansunshine9 said.

“Well, obviously, Michelle Obama’s shoulders make her look like a man!” Twitter user @Tartofdarkn3ss said.

“Michelle looks like a man,” Twitter user @DefinitelyDebb1 said.

“Michelle Obama is a man. This is what it looks like when you make a fantastic claim and cite nothing to back it up,” Twitter user @mgdalka said.

Meanwhile, some supporters of Melania Trump compared her to Michelle and said that the FLOTUS definitely looks more stunning than the mom of two.

“Melania Trump speaks over half a dozen languages. She is by far the most beautiful first lady in history. She also has more class in her little finger than the callous, hypocritical, pompous Michelle. And you know what else? She’s going to be the first lady for four more years,” Twitter user @mandy82288742 said.

“Like usual, you’re living in the past. She is not the first lady. I know you long for the Obama days but they are over. Melania is smarter, classier, and more beautiful than Michelle could ever dream of being. Yep, it’s true,” Twitter user @EddieTh24791764 said.

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