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Lakers' LeBron James Teases New Nike LeBron 22 After Wear Test on Instagram

LeBron James reveals the Nike LeBron 22 sneaker after a wear test.

LeBron James revealed a glimpse of the Nike LeBron 22 sneaker after a wear test and shared a photo on Instagram. Inspired by Monopoly, the new design retains elements of the LeBron 21 while introducing fresh features.

LeBron James Reveals Wear Test Sample of Nike LeBron 22

After the Nike LeBron 22 was put through a wear test, LeBron James posted a photo on his Instagram account as a way to tease the shoe.

Today, James presented a sneak peek at the forthcoming Nike LeBron 22 shoe by posting to his Instagram Story. As stated in the description of the post, the version of the LeBron 22 that is observed in the photograph is a wear test sample; hence, it is possible that it will end up being different from retail pairs.

Monopoly-Inspired Design for Nike LeBron 22

Complex reports images that were recently leaked via Sneaker Files show what is believed to be the Nike LeBron 22. These images were released earlier today. The legendary board game Monopoly served as inspiration for the design of this version of James' alleged 22nd signature shoe, which was created in partnership with the game.

The upper of the shoe is adorned with a design that is reminiscent of Monopoly money, and it is contrasted with a metallic silver underlay that is located at the midfoot and heel counter. Additionally, it seems as though the outsole design is decoupled, which means that it is separated from the forefoot and the heel.

Upcoming Colorways for Nike LeBron 22 Expected

The account that released the information disclosed that a pair of shoes with a color scheme consisting of "Royal Pulse/Diffused Blue/Football Grey/Metallic Silver" is also expected to be released later this year; however, photographs of the shoe are still under wraps.

The form of the silhouette is said to have remained mostly unchanged from the LeBron 21 silhouette, according to Sole Retriever. However, it is anticipated that the side branding and sole unit may undergo some modifications.

Photo: Abhay siby Mathew/Unsplash

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