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Joe Biden running mate: Here are the top 6 women that Biden might pick as his vice president

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Former vice president Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. But the big question is who will be his running mate. Here are some of the potential candidates that Biden might pick as his vice president according to CNN.

Kamala Harris

Harris is the publication’s top pick as Joe Biden’s potential running mate. The senator from California has been in the spotlight lately while pushing for legislation to expand voting rights and has the debating skills as well as fundraising ability that make her perfect for the post.

Amy Klobuchar

Joe Biden mentioned the senator from Minnesota in his podcast. “You won Minnesota for me,” Biden said. Insiders say that both Klobuchar and Harris are in a tier all their own in terms of their chance of becoming Biden’s running mate.

Catherine Cortez Masto

Masto is one of the most politically successful Latinas in the country and has the backing of the former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Unfortunately, she’s struggling to get publicity these days due to the coronavirus pandemic which focused on President Donald Trump and the governors.

Susan Rice

Rice is President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser which makes her very experienced and knowledgeable. In fact, she’s probably one of the best people to deal with a pandemic such as the current coronavirus health crisis. “We understood that a pandemic was not only predicted but was actually inevitable,” Rice told CNN. “The only question was when.”

Elizabeth Warren

The senator from Massachusetts recently endorsed Biden after ending her campaign last month, according to CNN. “Joe Biden has spent nearly his entire life in public service,” Warren tweeted. “He knows that a government run with integrity, competence, and heart will save lives and save livelihoods.”

Warren is the most high-profile liberal on Biden’s list of potential running mates. She also indicated that she’s up for the post should Biden asked her to be his running mate.

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Keisha Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, has been in the spotlight lately when she opposed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen parts of the state. “There's nothing essential about going to a bowling alley in the middle of a pandemic,” she said. She has been with Biden longer than any of the other potential candidates which could work in her favor.

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