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Jesse Willms Shows Top AI Technologies Used In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a gargantuan industry that opened a door of possibilities for many businesses. Now, companies are not just limited to promoting their goods and services in the local area. They have a wider reach and better use of media--even doing this more affordably than conventional methods.

However, digital marketing isn’t just confined to search engine optimization, clickable ads, or sending out emails. There’s another layer of tools that can make all of these areas of digital marketing more accurate, robust, and custom-fit for each potential client. Digital professional Jesse Willms has seen how many marketing strategies have evolved through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this post, he will be sharing the top AI tools that can be integrated into digital marketing strategies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms

The well-known CRM platforms available in the market are filled with AI-powered algorithms that track the customer journey from start to finish. These CRM platforms record data on what makes users click, shop, or browse on marketplaces or websites. Additionally, they also manage the relationship between potential and present customers through various powerful marketing methods. Some essential tasks included in a CRM platform include:

Performing Customer Interaction:

CRM platforms facilitate the interaction between the customer and business owner by creating robust strategies that make transactions smoother. These include providing product suggestions when browsing, clickable buttons for checkout, and showing items that other users have recently bought.

Tracking Leads:

If a user is a potential lead, the CRM platform also does several marketing strategies in an automated mode. These can be email marketing campaigns, showing advertisements, or having automated exchanges with the client.

Streamlining Processes:

The CRM platform is also built to make the process of taking the offers smoother for potential clients. Making noteworthy web interaction features and showing clients the next step in a simple manner is also a great CRM feature.

According to Jesse Willms, many large companies now swear by the power of AI-powered CRM platforms to increased sales and better customer relations. Business owners do not have to spend hours managing lead per lead as the process is mainly automated.


Have you ever messaged a company through their website or social media, and staff immediately responded through chat software? Chances are, AI powers these features. Chatbots are entirely automated and customized to read through what you type in and give answers to common inquiries.

Responsiveness is a huge factor in digital marketing, and chatbots give 24/7 aid to business owners by providing automated customer service for potential clients. Other benefits of having a chatbot include:

Filtering Basic Questions:

Common questions such as store hours, location, products offered can be filtered and answered by the chatbot, making the process simpler. More complex queries can be forwarded to human customer service representatives.

Contributing to a Positive Customer Experience:

The friendly and approachable appearance of chatbots gives a personal touch to potential leads. When users are browsing a website, they can ask questions through the chatbot. This encourages them to have interest and familiarity with your offers.

Getting Leads:

Another benefit of chatbots is their ability to add in leads to your business. When people engage in chatbots, chances are they are interested in your offers. They can gather information such as an email or contact number so you can follow up leads.

AI Email Marketing

Another solid AI-integrated digital marketing tool is email marketing software. Companies and other business owners can create their email lists and send out email campaigns by automating and even personalizing the process. Using this method allows users to click and read rather than send items to the spam folder.

Digital professional Jesse Willms has helped many companies by suggesting email marketing software to turn warm leads into paying customers. Some great features of AI-powered email campaigns include the following:

Personalizing Emails Depending On Customer Interactions:

AI-powered email marketing software can integrate the data they can gather from the user’s interaction on your website and send personalized emails based on this data. Curated offers, demographic-based campaigns, and other promotions can be fully customized based on gathered customer data.

Email Timing and Content:

AI-powered emails can also be sent depending on the optimal times with personalized content that engages users.

Automated Campaigns:

When you are holding a sale, a seasonal offer, or any other type of email campaign, you can set this at the beginning and have an automated mail released. You can also filter out, include, or send offers depending on your needs.

Optimizing Software for PPC Ads

PPC ads should not be left to guesswork. It is challenging to make a return on investment (ROI) if your ad spending is always higher than the sales you get from these campaigns. Thus having AI-powered PPC software can help you optimize bids, set the right PPC rates, and find the best campaigns that users click to.

Machine learning helps recognize the factors that make your PPC campaign successful, making it easy to choose between the types of media advertisements you will show on several platforms. PPC optimization software can also help you decide the best campaigns for different avenues such as search engines, email inboxes, websites, or social media.

Artificial Intelligence: The New Era of Digital Marketing

It is evident through the tools mentioned above that digital marketing is entering a new era. Through these powerful tools that promote automation, streamlining, and personalization, Jesse Willms is confident that digital marketing will become more effective and affordable for many business owners.

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