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Is It Worth Renting a Car in Dubai?

Going to Dubai, many travelers wonder which way to travel around the city is worth choosing. This megalopolis has public transport in the form of comfortable buses, or you can also call a cab. However, more and more often tourists and business people visiting Dubai choose such a service as car rental. About all the features of this way of moving around the city, as well as how profitable such a decision is, it is necessary to understand in detail.

Why do you need a rental car in Dubai and where can you go by it?

Renting a car in Dubai is beneficial, especially if there is a need to move a lot within the city and the emirate:

1. A rental car is an opportunity to gain complete freedom of movement in Dubai. You will be able to visit the places you like at any time and make stops at your own discretion. You can independently plan all your excursions on a convenient schedule, instead of adjusting to other people.

2. In the Emirates, there are a huge number of places to visit, and doing it with a rental car will be much easier. In addition, many travel agencies impose their clients’ unnecessary services, and they also give too little time to see the important sights.

3. Prices for tours can not be called low, so it is much more profitable to rent a car and visit tourist sites on their own.

4. The cost of car rental in the Emirates is quite reasonable. Also, remember that gasoline in the UAE is very cheap.

5. Even not very experienced drivers won't have any problems with driving in Dubai because the roads are very smooth and there is a good driving culture everywhere.

6. Local traffic rules are intuitively understandable. It is easy and safe to drive here.

7. The crime rate in the country is very low, so you can not be afraid to leave your car unattended. That’s a great opportunity to rent a luxury car in Dubai.

8. Rental cars in the UAE are in excellent condition, most of them are brand new.

9. Most of the local hotels offer free parking for their guests. There are free parking lots in the city.

Car Rental Costs in Dubai — Where is Best to Rent a Car

There are two ways to rent a car in the UAE — visiting a company offering such a service immediately upon arrival in Dubai or do it in advance by booking a car online. The second option is more convenient because it allows you to save time during your stay in the country as the car will be waiting for you immediately after your arrival in Dubai at a place convenient for you. Another important factor is that the cost of car rental through the Internet is always lower, while the local rental firms sometimes provide a certain price.

Advice to Dubai visitors: the longer the rental period, the cheaper this service will be. So sometimes it is worth renting a car for the entire duration of your stay in the Emirate. Before booking a vehicle through the website, you should carefully examine the proposed conditions to select the most favorable offer for the family. As for the cost of a rental, it is about $ 40 dollars a day (the exact price will depend on the selected brand of car, rental period, etc.). For comparison — for movement by cab in Dubai during the day you will have to pay about 50 dollars.

What documents are necessary for renting a car in the UAE

To rent a car in the Emirates, you need to provide an international driver's license (IDC) as well as a national driver's license. Driving a car in the UAE without an IDC is strictly prohibited, so rental companies simply will not let you rent a car without one. If you booked a car online, you should print a rental voucher in advance. Payment for this service can only be made with a credit card, no rental company in the Emirates accepts cash.

Traffic rules in Dubai

The main thing that all tourists traveling to the UAE by rented car need to know is that this country has very high penalties for traffic violations. It is also necessary to get acquainted with some peculiarities of traffic rules in the Emirates:

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