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Is Google and Technology Making us Stupid?

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Thanks to the internet, more specifically Google, we have all the information in the world right on the tips of our fingers. Type in the most suitable keywords and you are opened up to a sea of information regarding anything and everything you need to know. While this is the best thing that could have happened for people who want to widen their avenue of knowledge, it is also the cheat’s way out for people to lazy to enrich their minds. Whenever you need to know something, just Google it and forget it. You will never have to memorize another thing again.

Always Googling it:

The phrase “Just Google It” has almost become an anthem for the millennials and maybe for the other generations too. Keeping this in mind, the question that arises here is, is Google making us stupid? To find the exact answers to this, here is a comprehensive study on the pros and cons of using technology, particularly, Goole.

Pros of using Google’s information rich technology:

There are multiple advantages that you can put yourself on the receiving end of by using a search engine as intelligent and forward as Google. Some of these advantages include-

  • The first and foremost advantage includes finding a wide array of information at your disposal, related to anything and everything under the sun.
  • If you are a student and working on a paper or dissertation, you can find a number of such existing work on the net, with the help of Google.
  • Apart from finding work, done by someone else, you can also find yourself looking at a list of service providers, who will help you, get your job done, much more efficiently. This advantage stands true for any and every requirement an individual might have.
  • Google makes advertising for the services and products produced by a business much more efficient online. This is a great way to grab the attention of online consumers and work towards brand creation.
  • High ranking on the search engine, immediately directs maximum natural traffic to your sites.

The question made above, still holds its grounds. Are all these advantages substituting our intellect and our will to work harder in the right direction? Here under are a few disadvantages of the technology.

Cons of using Google’s information rich technology:

Some of the most noted disadvantages of the system are-

  • You become dependent on Google to fetch your business its due attention. This might lead some people into using black hat seo to generate leads.
  • Individuals often depend on Google for information so much that they stop growing their own bank of knowledge.
  • Rather than producing their own, unique content, essay, summary, etc, students often tend to copy them from online sources available on Google. This often leads to seasoned plagiarisms n the future that one must avoid under any circumstances. Ask yourself before copying someone else’s summary, essay, is Google making us stupid?

The aim of Google is to help you build your own base of knowledge and use that same knowledge to facilitate different aspects of your personal and professional lives. Using the technology in the wrong way will only make you increasingly dependent on it and also stupid, using it wisely, will help you reap the benefits.

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