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Integration of Blockchain In Cyber Security

2018 is considered a black year in the calendar of the cybersecurity. This was the year, when most of the big names, companies, Government, educational institutions, and enterprises were victims of external hacks.

This has made the cybersecurity think about new technological prospects that can help them to fight hack. In the midst of looking for advanced and secure technology, they came across the blockchain technology. With the public ledger network, it is being considered to be one of the safest technologies.

Even NASA considers blockchain technology capable of giving the securest network to date. Recently, NASA implemented the blockchain technology, to secure their system from the on-air transmitting services.

NASA will use the same distributed ledger feature used by the Crypto trade apps like bitcoin era to share information over the shared public ledger network to stop entering external uninvited guests.

Here are the promising cases that are making their appearance from the labs to real-life applications.

  1. Decentralized storage solutions

Today, data are becoming much more valuable than real currency. The data you are processing on a daily basis becomes the fodder for hackers to earn money. All the data of your customers might not be valuable for you. But for the hackers, it is just like a paradise treat. And the best thing you do for them is that you kept all the data in one place for them.

There are companies that have already adopted themself for decentralized storage. Unfortunately, most of the companies re still using centralized data storage. However, this scenario is changing at a rapid pace. Businesses and the companies are creating modules to implement the blockchain technology in their system.

  1. IoT security

Hackers find a way to hack into the system with error in the codes. But with advanced coding languages, hackers are now able to hack into the system like security cameras, doorbells, and smart thermostats.

However, this all can be stopped with just implementation of the blockchain technology. With the blockchain technology, all the IoT can be put on a single blockchain network.

Blockchain networks can also help IoT gadgets to make their own decision. That means theses gadget will work on their own, without the interference of the aunty central authority.

  1. Safer DNS

We all know that DNS is mostly centralized. And this is the reason why hackers can easily hack into the system. And once they are a hold of the information, hackers can easily make the website unavailable, crash the website, and can theft all the information. They can even pair the DNS attack with a DOS attack to extend the damage done to the website.

The currency level of security to safeguard online files is to long-tail files and to have a real-time detection system that can notify you in times of crisis.

With the addition of the blockchain, you can take the security to the next level. Blockchain is decentralized that means hackers will have a hard time finding any weak points to hack into the system. And even if they do, to be successful, they need to make changes in every existing account of the network.

  1. Secure private messaging

Today, most businesses are related to eCommerce. And these businesses get their most valuable data from the social media engagements with their customers. Most of the messaging apps and software use end to end encryption, while most of the platform has started using the blockchain network to make the conversation much more secure.

There are some applications that the necessary security features and API framework that enables cross messaging communications.

Final Thoughts

With the above possible uses of the blockchain, it proves that blockchain holds a considerable amount of privacy when it comes down to the security value. Once, the data get stored on the decentralized platform, it does not remain at the same place. This makes it impossible for hackers to exploit the information.

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