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How do the Irish Spend on Gambling compared to the World?

The world gambling system encompasses all gambling transactions: every drop of a coin to every scratch on a lottery ticket. The system is truly magnificent. According to, the global gambling market is worth $465.76, and the Irish are responsible for a significant amount of that sum. According to the Irish post, the Irish rank third in the world when it comes to spending on gambling per capita. Falling behind only Australia and Singapore. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Irish spending and how it relates to the world gambling system.

Ireland, Third in the World Per Capita

Ireland is in the third position when calculating gambling per capita in the world. This is probably due to the strong belief in the existence of luck by the Irishmen. According to the Independent, three out of every four persons in Ireland are friends with someone who gambles. Everyone expected the 2020 pandemic to affect the industry negatively. However, the result was precisely the opposite. Although offline casinos still face some difficulties in Ireland, the online system has brought redemption to the casino game world. With the inclusion of new updates to online gaming, visit to find out the latest and best online casinos! SoIrishCasino offers in-depth reviews on casino games. Our team of experts is always at hand to provide relatable and meaningful insights into the casino industry.

Online Gambling System

The invention of the internet in the late ’90s led to the rise of the online gambling system. The process started when software providers decided that they wanted casinos to go mobile. Therefore the online gambling system describes the entire mechanism that allows people to gamble online. This interesting web of related activities includes every activity from the creation of a gaming software all the way to the moment a player earns from that software.

Online gambling in Ireland is a popular phenomenon. The Irish gamble frequently online with the 25-34-year olds (5.7%), followed by 18-24-year olds (4.8%). Usually, before a casino can establish a site, it needs a license to operate online. They must be licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Aussies Lead in Gambling

When it comes to gambling per capita, the Aussies are currently in the lead. According to, Australian adults spent a total sum of $209 billion on gambling between 2016 and 2017, about $11,000 per capita. The number increased by 0.7% in 2018. Aussies spend their money on several gaming products like pokies, casinos, lotteries, racing, and sports betting. For those who prefer to play for fun there are free pokies by Aristokrat website. The players as a whole spent $23.7 billion, or $1,251, from every individual above 18 years old that played the game with them, further showing the online gambling industry’s massive growth.

Singapore following Aussies in Gambling

Betting was prohibited in Singapore until recently. However, In 2005, The Singaporean government legalized both online and offline casinos. According to a gambling report, Singapore is currently in the second position after Australia, with $891.16 in gambling per capita, with the commissioning of exciting and sophisticated casino facilities in Singapore leading to an uptick in gambling by indigenes and visitors alike. According to a study carried out on gambling in Singapore, results show that in 2018, the highest number of people gambling were between 18 and 29 years old, while the number of people involved in gambling went up from 28% in 2014 to 41% in 2017.

The research also shows that 52% of the participants were involved in gambling at one point or the other, and they took part in different forms of gambling and bought different products, compared to 44% in 2014. The average amount spent on gambling monthly went up from $20 to $30 in the same period.

The USA, the biggest Gambling Market

The USA is the biggest gambling market in the world. After both Ireland and Finland, the United States is “only” the fifth-biggest spender per capita. But, with over 330 million people in the country, they are by far the biggest market for casinos and online players. According to ReportLinker on gambling, the United States online gambling market was valued at USD 1,978.57 million as of 2020. And forecasts show that the value will increase through 2021-2026 because most offline casinos have moved their activities online to reach more players easily.

Gambling as a form of entertainment has come to stay and will increase as time goes. Although the Pandemic led to people patronizing offline casinos less often than usual, the paradigm shift positively affected the online casino industry. Having nothing to do during lockdown meant that people visited online casinos more often than they did pre-lockdown. Because of the increase in demand for online gamblers, companies are collaborating in the USA to design new apps and websites to meet these demands and retain their customers’ interests.

New Jersey currently has the largest market for coordinated online gambling in the United States. There are several legalized online casino websites and poker rooms that form an overall market valued at $225 million yearly. Different betting apps, websites, and sportsbooks are available in the USA for customers to ease the gaming process. Currently, the USA has about nine casinos and around 14,ooo rooms for gambling. This explains why the USA has the largest gambling market in the world.

Other Gambling Centres in the World

Aside from the top gambling countries, there are other countries where you can enjoy gambling. These countries have interesting peculiarities that make for a good case study. These peculiarities include a high gambling per capita, beautiful casinos for gambling or a vibrant betting culture. Thereby making their casinos a perfect destination for people who want to play games, hang out, have fun and enjoy themselves. The countries include:

Macau in China

Macau has a strong gambling culture. In the region, gambling has been legal since 1850. Popularly known as “Monte Carlo of the East”, Macau is one of the biggest gaming hotspots in the world. Gambling makes up about 50% of its economy. Originally only Chinese games were played in the casinos until the turn of the 20th century. Macau is the only region in China where gambling is legal.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has an extensive gambling history, and although it’s not the most prominent gambling industry, it’s more famously known for its banking system than gambling. Professional game players in the UK mostly visit the Hippodrome Casino in the United Kingdom’s west end. Gambling in the UK is regulated by the Gambling Commission. The United Kingdom has a rich gambling culture spanning several centuries. The British love to gamble on sports like football and horse racing.


Gambling in Canada became popular recently. This expansion is due mainly to two significant amendments in the Canadian criminal code in the years 1969 and 1975. The first decriminalized lotteries and casinos while the other permitted use of gambling on electronic devices and granted certain provinces the authority to operate and regulate gambling. Thus, different provinces have different laws. The lottery is Canada’s most successful gambling activity, with around 40 percent of Canadians picking it more often than slot machines, bingos, and games. Canada made an astounding total revenue of US $13.5 Billion in 2017.

Forecast about The World Gambling System

With more of the gambling activities moved to online platforms in recent years, there’s hope for the industry and a sign that it will thrive for a very long time. The growth of the internet and its role in every facet of human life increases by the day. The reach of the internet is proportional to the reach of online gambling. Therefore, as its reach increases, so will online gambing’s. The more people learn about activities and games, the more opportunities and jackpots they will participate in. Hence, there is no apparent obstacle to the growth of gambling in the near future.

The Global Gambling Market Report forecasted the gambling market was to grow from $465.76 billion in 2020 to $516.03 billion by 2021. Players want to gamble more. The industry has grown thanks to the inventions of new gambling apps and websites, which will continue for the years to come. The gambling industry holds great fortune for people involved in the business.

The Emergence of Female Gamblers

Over the years, women have been sidelined in gambling, mainly because of the belief that gambling is a men’s game. However, women have been actively gambling recently, showing that it is no longer only a men’s game. Reports show that more women will get involved in the game. According to an RSVP Live report on the Gambling lifestyle of women in Ireland, about 260 women contacted gambling help to sort out gambling addictions, further proving that women are getting more involved in gambling than before. Research on online gambling has revealed that over 41% of women are involved in online gambling today, and as the industry keeps expanding, the number will keep increasing. According to Statista, over 68% of women were revealed to be actively participating in gambling in the UK in 2012. Almost 58% of women that play the games are interested in sports betting, while others choose from the rest.

Interestingly, the report shows that gambling statistics of women involved spiked up during the Pandemic because they found it fun and as a means of escape from boredom. The ease of online game playing for women means this trend will keep trending up in the near future. Also, the gambling industry has increased its ads targeted at women to ensure more women are participating in the game. They often present it as safe and secure, which makes them pick up interest in the game. Many of these women now visit casinos and other gaming centers to have fun and gamble.

Most Popular Online Gambling Games

With the advent of the internet in the ’90s, gambling has taken a different turn. Several game slots were adapted from the old brick and mortar days, and new ones are introduced by the day. Online gaming is now a behemoth that grosses billions in US Dollars globally every year. People have different tastes when it comes to online gaming. Some prefer sports betting, while others prefer casino games or something else.

  • Slots: Slots are a very popular option for gamers. There are many themes and game mechanics to be explored. The slots are a popular pastime in Ireland. They are available in both offline and online casinos.

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is one of the most popularly played games in the world at every casino because of its simplicity. It’s a card game, and so you need to be a pro in counting cards when it comes to Blackjack. Although, originated from Europe but popularly played by the United States residents. There are also variations of Blackjack with their rules.

  • Roulette: Roulettes are famous casino games that are famed for their regular appearances in movies. Virtual roulettes are identical to physical ones. In a game of Roulette, players place bets on the outcomes determined by where the ball lands on the table.

  • Video poker: Poker is one of the most played games in the casino. Video poker refers to poker that is played in an online casino. Video pokers are digital renditions of the physical version. However, the rules may be slightly different.

  • Lottery: This involves playing lots to choose the winners randomly in a game. Different rewards come with the lottery when you win the game. It often takes a lot of effort to win. People also use the lottery to generate funds for charity organizations. It’s a game of numbers, and if your number is picked, you win the game.


The gambling industry shows no sign of stopping, despite taking huge losses in offline casino revenue. The casino industry survived through the Pandemic. The lack of physical activity meant that people could no longer visit offline casinos to have fun. Fortunately for the industry, this also meant that people had to go online in search of means of recreation. In this process, a lot of people discovered online gaming leading to a huge investment of revenue into the gambling Industry.

The Irish gamblers played a significant role in this happening. They have the third-highest spending per capita in the world. The lax laws around gambling in Ireland play an important part in this happening. The only other countries that spend higher on gambling per capita are Australia and Singapore. The future shows that there will be a sustained uptrend in the gambling industries’ growth. Its ability to adapt to the trends is evident. There is an even larger gaming community now since women started gaming during the pandemic.

Thankfully as activities resume, casinos will be looking to welcome the new players into the fold with exciting features that they have been working on during the pandemic. Therefore players can look forward to exciting variations of popular games like slots, baccarat, and video poker.

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