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‘High School Musical 4’ Latest News Update: New Sequel is Coming and Here are the Details We Know

“High School Musical 4” is finally happening after years of waiting. It was reported that the fourth movie installment is called “High School Musical: East Meets West” and, as its title suggests, it will still be about the classic rivalry between two high schools: the East High Wildcats and the West High Knights.

“High School Musical 4” was actually first confirmed in mid-2009. The announcement was made by the president of Disney Channel, Gary Marsh. At the time, casting for movie sequel also started.

Speaking to the media, the Broadway World quoted Marsh as saying: “The creative challenge for 'High School Musical East Meets West' is to deliver every element that the audience expects, and then re-invent those elements in a bold new way.”

“Clearly, we're thrilled to have our screenwriter from all three 'HSM' movies back, along with our producing and songwriting teams. Adding a dynamic, imaginative, visual stylist like Jeffrey Hornaday as our director/choreographer introduces the perfect catalyst to take this team to the next level," he added.

Cast, Plot, and Setting

As mentioned, casting for “High School Musical 4” was done years ago. So, the final list of actors for the movie would be announced very soon. One thing is sure, the entire main cast members have been replaced, which is understandable. The original cast led by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens has aged now. So, the fourth installment has to find young talents to fit with the high school characters.

Likewise, the original Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and Chad are gone. Plus, the “High School Musical 4” plot will be a bit different too. Although the rivalry between the East High Wildcats and the West High Knights is still the focus, this time, the division is between soccer and musicals instead of the original basketball. The most interesting part is that “High School Musical 4” is not set on the East’s rival’s school and not on their home ground.

“High School Musical 4” will also present entirely new characters. So, this means it will no longer be about the four mentioned leads anymore but it will now center on Erin, Derek, Campbell, Tamara, and Nathalie.

Campbell is like a replacement of Troy Bolton because he is the popular soccer captain and also a star in theatre. He likes Erin, the only girl soccer player in the team, but she wants to be with Derek, who the student with a bad boy image in the campus but turned out to be a really soft-hearted fellow. Nathalie is a cheerleader and Erin’s best friend while Tamara was a former queen bee who is trying to be popular again.

But, there’s good news to fans of the TV series and movie franchise: coach Bolton (Bart Johnson) is the only original cast confirmed to return as of now. The release date for the “High School Musical 4” movie is still not available as of this time.

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