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Hexa, Paris's Quiet Powerhouse in the Startup World

Paris-based startup studio Hexa secures $22 million in funding, bolstering its role in supporting B2B software companies.

Tucked away in Paris, Hexa, a startup studio, has quietly made waves in the business-to-business (B2B) software realm. Though Hexa may not be a household name, it's the force behind several successful unicorns like Front, Aircall, and Spendesk. Recently, Hexa has taken a significant step in its growth journey, securing $22 million (€20 million) in new funding.

Transforming the Startup Landscape

Previously known as eFounders, Hexa has evolved from its initial focus on software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups.

This fresh round of funding marks a departure from Hexa's previous approach. Since 2016, this is the first time Hexa has sought external capital, signaling a new phase in its development.

Engaging the Community in Growth

Hexa's recent funding success can be attributed to its unique strategy of involving its community. Prominent local entrepreneurs like Luc Pallavidino (Yousign), Adrien Van Den Branden (Canyon), Paul Vidal (Collective), and Arnaud Schwartz (Marble) have invested in the company. By turning to its network of founders and friends, Hexa has fostered a strong sense of community and shared growth.

Hexa's Role in Shaping Startups

The studio's method involves identifying the right founding teams for new startups and providing essential support in the early stages. This includes product design, market strategy, and recruitment. Once a startup is mature enough, typically after a year, Hexa taps into its network of investor friends through the eClub, a unique investment initiative.

The eClub, a key component of Hexa's strategy, facilitates investments via special purpose vehicles (SPVs). These SPVs are created specifically for investing in a startup, with Hexa retaining a 30% equity stake post-seed. Going forward, the eClub will be exclusive to Hexa investors, a move that aligns with the studio's new phase of growth.

Hexa's strategy and recent funding achievement highlight its influential role in the startup world. By fostering a supportive community and guiding startups through crucial early stages, Hexa stands as a testament to the power of collaborative growth in the dynamic landscape of business innovation.

Photo: Israel Andrade/Unsplash

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