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Healthy Habits of Successful Business Leaders

Successful business leaders didn’t get to where they are by chance; they understand the importance of spending their time wisely and doing certain things every day that help them to be their most productive and healthy self. If you aspire to be a successful business leader, you might want to look at some of the habits they rely on to be at their very best:

Look After Your Health

A day in the life of a successful business leader will be filled with stress and uncertainty. This is why they know that looking after both mind and body is paramount. This can include simple things like meditating first thing in the morning, preparing a healthy breakfast the night before, and making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom needs to be a sanctuary, with no distractions such as a TV or smartphone. And to ensure quality sleep, you need to make sure your mattress provides the right support. Read this guide for choosing the best mattress, especially if yours is already a few years old.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term you have probably heard recently, but it is a quality we all have and can hone in on. It is simply the act of being more aware of your surroundings and what you are doing without becoming overwhelmed. Our minds can wander many times a day, even by the minute, so it is important to bring yourself back into the here and now. All you need to do to practice mindfulness is sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and set a timer for about 10 minutes. Once you are comfortable, focus on your breath and notice as you breathe in and out. If your mind wanders, try to notice this and bring yourself back to the moment.

Stop Multi-tasking

You might think that multi-tasking is the ultimate way to get things done, but in reality, this just means you have only focused half your attention on each task. Successful business leaders know that full engagement in a job, meeting or other activity leads to higher quality work and meaningful relationships. For example, when you are in a meeting, leave your phone at your desk; that phone call or email can wait. And when you are meeting clients and business partners, this is even more important, as they will see that they have your undivided attention, which is always appreciated.

Reward Yourself with Guilty Pleasures

When your day is filled with business trips, meetings, phone calls, closing deals, etc., it can be easy to forget to take some time to do the fun things in life. With a million and one thoughts running through your head, it is a good idea to find an activity that can quieten the noise for a short time. For some people, listening to music, watching a TV episode or listening to a podcast can be all it takes to calm your mind and relieve some of the stress.

Express Gratitude

Saying thank you isn’t reserved for friends and family. When you are working on a business idea or project with a team working under you, they will also appreciate expressions of gratitude when it all starts to come together. It is all too easy to get caught up in the deadlines, roadblocks and crunching the numbers, but there is so much value to be had in taking time to celebrate achievements, big and small. As well as a spoken ‘thank you’ you might also want to consider providing incentives to employees to help improve productivity.

Stick to a Routine

Sticking to a routine allows you to stay focused and engaged in the job at hand. Successful business leaders wake up early and use that time to either spend it with family or get in a bit of exercise. Always start with a healthy breakfast and make sure to keep hydrated. Even if you travel a lot with work, you should always try to find ways to keep up with your routine. In doing this, you will spend less energy on attention and memory and consequently feel more in control.

Which healthy habits will you develop?

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