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‘Halo Infinite’: Microsoft reveals why the game plays better on Xbox Scarlett

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“Halo Infinite” is one of the biggest news that the E3 2019 had revealed. But while the story trailer for the game was already shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, it will not be arriving this year yet.

But then, it was confirmed by 343 Industries, the game developer of “Halo Infinite,” that it is one of the titles that will be included in Xbox’s next-gen console called Scarlett. Since the device is coming out in holiday of 2020, then this is the game’s release date as well.

Xbox Scarlett and why “Halo Infinite” is best played here

At the 2019 E3, Microsoft announced that it will launch its new Xbox console which was named Project Scarlett. The tech giant mentioned that “Halo Infinite” will be one of the titles that will be launched with console and shared details about how the game will play better on Scarlett.

It was explained that “Halo Infinite” is best played on the newest Xbox console because it can take advantage of the system's powerful composition. It possesses the kind of hardware that will enhance the gaming experience and make playing easier.

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty further explained that Scarlett offers the right environment for “Halo Infinite” so that is the best device for the game. “Start to think about things like bringing a bigger density of life to a world,” Gaming Bolt quoted Booty as saying. “Think about bringing more density and variety to the light inside its world and imagine about not having to create artificial design things to mask some of the limitations of the hardware and just bring things off of the SSD as fast as they’re needed on-screen.”

The other games that are expected to come out on Xbox Scarlett include “The Outer Worlds,” “Bleeding Edge,” “Ori and the Will of the Wisps,” “Minecraft Dungeons,” “Blair Witch,” “Cyberpunk 2077,” “Spiritfarer,” “Battletoads,” “Legend of Wright” and more. The console’s price may be around $399 and $499.

Release date

“Halo Infinite” has no exact release date but it will surely be launched alongside Xbox Scarlett in the last quarter of 2020. After the initial release, the game will be out on other gaming platforms such as the PC and Xbox One.

By Louis Bonquin
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