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HD Graphics Role In Online Slots Explained

Take one look at some of the online slots that grace today’s market and one thing will become immediately apparent – these developers sure do know how to make a good looking slot game, don’t they? In fact, some of the best slots games like Centurion by Inspired Gaming or NetEnt’s Starburst have HD graphics so clear that they can almost rival the aesthetic of some fully-fledged video games, no mean feat at all. Moreover, it is also fascinating when you consider how rudimentary online slot graphics were even less than a decade ago, testimony to the incredible work of these online casino developer companies.

Slot machines were never really concerned with graphics either, and the main reason for this is simply that, before the dawn of video slots in the 1980s, slot machines couldn’t really have graphics as they were purely mechanical. It follows, therefore, that HD graphics aren’t exactly essential to the running of slot machines – especially if they were around before HD graphics! But here’s the thing: whilst this may be true of classic physical state slots, the market has evolved a lot since the time that these machines were in vogue. Nowadays most gamblers spin the reels online, and as we will see HD graphics play a crucial role in online slots. Read ahead to find out why.

Before the best online slots graphics were made possible

As we mentioned, there was once a time where slot machines didn’t have to worry about graphics at all, seeing as they were purely mechanical things. After all, there isn’t much you can do to improve the appearance of physical reels, other than making sure the symbols looked as exciting as possible.

And actually that last fact was, in many ways, the catalyst for an increased focus on the way slot machines actually looked. This came to the forefront during the 1960s, where the slot machine popularity boom resulted in a lot more competition between developers. Generally whoever had the coolest looking machines would take the most revenue, something not so different from today…

The First Video Slots

The 1980s was a particularly vibrant decade, with a lot of new technology entering the public domain, driving the public thirst for digital knowledge especially. No surprise, then, that video slots took off at this point, the first time that slot machine developers could pay real and particular focus to the graphics of their slots.

Naturally the aesthetics here weren’t exactly ground-breaking, and very far from being able to be called High-Definition, however you also have to remember that video displays in general were still at a very basic standard.

Early Online Slots And How They Could Have Improved

Around about the turn of the 20th Century online slots became a real entity, and they have gone on to flip the whole gambling industry well and truly on its head. The very first online slots, such as Eyecon’s Temple Of Isis, were ground breaking – there is no arguing with that – however they were also incredibly pixelated and clunky, something that would definitely put off most gamblers these days.

Back then, however, the novelty of being able to spin those magical slot reels online was enough to get a whole legion of gamblers hooked on the cause. Imagine suddenly being able to engage in a slot session without the need to go out of the house and visit a real physical casino? It really was a massive novelty back then. As time drew on this started to change though, as gamblers became increasingly fed up of the horrible graphics on offer. The online slot industry has never been one to stand still, however, and it was this that gave developers the impetus to work on getting their graphics up to scratch.

HD Graphics: Playability

Of course, it didn’t take long for people like NetEnt or Microgaming to iron out the aesthetic issues of their games, and as soon as the technology allowed it these guys were making super HD slots that proved to be instantaneously popular. It isn’t surprising really, because one of the main things that HD graphics brought to the table in regard to online slots was much better playability.

Just think about it: with clearer graphics it is much easier to see what is going on whilst you are spinning those reels, and it is also much better for your eyes in general, meaning that gamblers could now engage in long online casino stints without the worry that they were hurting their eyes.

HD Graphics: Bonus Rounds & Features

Another example of the crucial role of HD graphics in relation to online slots is how important it is for the various bonus rounds and features we see in today’s market. One of the reasons why a game such as Centurion is so good, for example, is because of its bonus rounds. Not only are they incredibly lucrative, but they also look stunning in themselves, something that makes the whole experience that bit more special.

Moreover, imagine playing a bonus round that was so pixelated you didn’t really know what was going on. Nobody wants that, especially when it could potentially ruin your best shot at attaining that all important jackpot prize.

HD Graphics: Keeping The Market Gripped

Ultimately HD graphics are so important because they are often the first thing that new players will notice about a slot game, and if they don’t like them they may decide to spend their money elsewhere – bad news for developers. These companies simply have to keep the market gripped in order to survive, and there is no better way than making sure your graphics are absolutely on point.

Additionally, the market these days is so competitive that you absolutely have to make sure your slot stands out from the rest. Clear-cut and high definition aesthetics are the perfect way to do so.

HD Graphics: Virtual Reality Online Slots

HD graphics are set to get even more important to slot developers, because the very real possibility of virtual reality slots is just around the corner, and these simply wouldn’t work without HD graphics.

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