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Gold Magnate With A Golden Heart

Alain Goetz is well known for his passionate interest in the precious metals industry. What is less known is his involvement in various personal charities and advocacy for unprivileged children and children with special needs. For over 15 years, Alain Goetz has been at the forefront in extending financial and other forms of assistance especially in charitable activities and services to address the needs of unprivileged children and children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

As a father to a boy with special needs, Alain has first-hand experience in numerous special needs interventions and has been exposed to several support groups advocating the rights of children with special needs.

This compassion for the disadvantaged children and children with special needs has fuelled him to set up various charitable activities in Uganda.

Alain Goetz Supports Entebbe Children’s Welfare School in Uganda

Since 2014, Alain Goetz has been supporting Entebbe Children’s Welfare School, a government-aided school that cares for children with disabilities and special needs. When he established African Gold Refinery Ltd (AGR) in 2015, he spearheaded the company’s corporate social responsibility program and provided financial aid to continuously support the school by providing daily healthy meals, wheelchairs, uniforms for the school staff, food, clothes, shoes and uniforms for the children and build additional infrastructure such as classrooms, dormitories and other facilities.

Launched on July 26th, 2019 the new two-storey building at Entebbe Children’s Welfare School was commissioned. The building which has six (6) classrooms and toilet facilities was constructed by AGR through the effort of Alain.

This initiative by Alain to provide universal and equal access to basic quality education for disadvantage children and children with special needs was recognized by the Uganda First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Janet Museveni during the inauguration. The beneficiaries of this initiative are 85 special children between the age group of 6-18 years. Alain believes compassion and support from families and care specialists play a huge role in shaping the lives of children with special needs.

“My goal is to share the benefits of having access to quality education to as many parents of children with special needs and help them attain the dream of unlocking the full potential in their children, in the same way I have for my own son. We will continue to engage with the department for special needs in the ministry to see where we can help” says Alain Goetz.

Foodstep Uganda

Considered as one of the poorest countries in the world, Uganda has a huge problem with baby abandonment. Crippled with poverty, desperate women were forced to desert their children because they couldn’t care for them properly.

As part of his ongoing support for Uganda charitable organizations and good causes, Alain also extends financial support to FoodStep Uganda, a non-government organization dedicated to giving children a beautiful hopeful future.

Babies and children that have been carried across the threshold of FoodStep home has individual poignant story to tell just like Baby Hilda. Only a few months old then, Baby Hilda was rescued by FoodStep in the slums of Entebbe. Passers-by and locals who found Baby Hilda informed FoodStep that there was a baby who was thrown into a drum and burned alive by her mother. FoodStep rushed to save her and immediately drive Baby Hilda to Emmanuel Hospital in Entebbe where she was given medical treatment. Baby Hilda miraculously survived from that harrowing moment.

In order to provide Baby Hilda with a proper medication, FoodStep Belgian founder Ms. Nathalie Seliffet finds sponsors and donors to support her hospitalization. After hearing about the story of Baby Hilda, the philanthropic side of Alain came to the fore. Without second thought, Alain sponsored Baby Hilda, a holistic grant not only covers the hospital and medical expenses but also her daily food, milk, diapers and other baby stuff.

Something Alain considers heart-warming and priceless is helping children with afflictions and spending time with them. Every time he comes to Uganda, he visits both the school and FoodStep home with his family and friends to give comfort to the children and find better ways to serve their needs.

“I wanted to give these children a second chance at life. Seeing little children smile again is priceless. I will continue to find better ways and means of creating a barrier-free environment for unprivileged children and children with special needs.” says Alain Goetz.

Indeed, Alain Goetz as he is with business, is hands-on and all heart in uplifting the lives of disadvantaged children and children with special needs.

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